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The New Brits Abroad: Infographic Reveals Typical UK Tourist Habits

A new infographic has revealed that Britons are much more cultural and adventurous on holiday than previously portrayed. Research carried out by, an online marketplace for homestay accommodation, surveyed nearly 2000 British adults, with results that defy the image of the boozy, ignorant holiday maker.

The survey conveyed that 75% of Britons want to learn 15 new phrases in a foreign language whilst abroad, as well as trying the local cuisine and beverages 60% of the time that they are on holiday. No more fish and chips: the average Briton wants to immerse themselves into the local way of life.

It seems that the British public want to really get in touch with the local culture and history of the place they are visiting; with over two thirds agreeing that this is an extremely important part of their visit. The average Briton, it seems, will endeavour to visit 5 local attractions, while 40% desire to learn more about the local customs and residents. A mere 1 in 10 would prefer to stick with their fellow Brits, challenging the conventional image of the reserved Brit with their ‘stiff upper lip’.

Alan Clarke, CEO for, says British “priorities have changed”, that “millions of Brits now want to explore the country they’re visiting and really learn about their destination, as opposed to just lounging by the pool and topping up their tans.” In fact, only 9% would want to simply stay by the poolside for the duration of their stay, while 40% are disinterested in working on their suntans.

An encouraging 70% of Brits want to come back from their holiday abroad with a better understanding of the country to which they have visited, enjoying an average of ten days in the place in question, having spent 20% more than previously, a statistic which the Association of British Travel Agents revealed. Their survey further supports the findings of the emerging adventure seeking Brit, with 48% claiming it was ‘quite likely’ or ‘practically certain’ that they would visit a new resort or city. said its study reveals the typical British tourist is now more of a culture vulture than holiday resort recluse, and that’s in line with previous research on the subject. It seems that the infamous Brits Abroad are soon to become a respectable bunch!