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The Must-Have Inflatables for Summer 2019!

The Must-Have Inflatables for Summer 2019!

Everyone knows one of the most important purchase for any summer holiday is your choice of inflatable! Last year we saw flamingos, swans and of course, the unicorn. We couldn’t have you going away with just a simple rubber ring – these hilarious poolside accessories will give you that ‘holiday feeling’ from the moment they hit the water! Simply add a cocktail in hand, and you’re complete.

1. French Fries

You’ve avoided them like the plague in the lead-up to summer in order to feel your best on holiday, so it’s only right that you reward yourself with an inflatable set of french fries! Chill in the pool laid on top of this bad boy and people won’t be able to tell which is more golden – you or the fries! Just make sure to slap on plenty of sunscreen, of course.

2. The ice lolly

What’s the perfect way to cool down when the sun is blaring down? An ice lolly! This colourful pool addition has ‘instagram-worthy’ written all over it. Who would rather have a boring old lilo when you can lie back on the floating equivalent of a ‘Fab’? We’re definitely saying yes to this refreshing treat!

3. The Mermaid

The mermaid inflatable has been the up-and-coming rubber ring over recent months and for good reason. With a live-action movie of the classic Disney film ‘The Little Mermaid’ in the works, you can bet the popularity of this fabulous floatie is going to soar pretty soon. Forget just sitting on a sun lounger all day, in the words of Sebastian the crab – “darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, take it from me!”

4. Rainbow cloud

Life on holiday is like floating on a cloud…and with this inflatable, that’s quite literally the case! The rainbow bit is perfect for offering up a bit of shade too depending on where you position yourself in the pool, so you can happily float along on this fabulous piece of fluffiness and read a book or just gently doze off. Others will definitely be jealous of this one!

5. The elephant

Look at its little face! We simply couldn’t resist this one. This year we’re ditching the swans and the flamingos and instead we’ve made friends with Ellie the Elephant. This floatie would be the perfect addition if you’re heading to the likes of Thailand, where these beautiful animals are the official national animal!

6. The heart

What we think of this inflatable: goals! Float around the pool in the giant version of everyone’s favourite Haribo and you’re definitely onto a winner for this year’s summer getaway. We’re thinking a cute picture of you and your partner in the pool with these loved-up lilos would make a fun new cover photo for Facebook!

7. Pizza slice

Who WOULDN’T want to float around the pool on a giant pizza slice? We know the saying is ‘no pizza before Ibiza’ – but no one said anything about it while you’re there! Put the ‘pineapple on a pizza’ debate aside and you’ll find there’s nothing controversial about this fun inflatable – cool vibes only!

8. The duckie

We’re quackers about this one! Don’t tell us you’ve never thought about cruising around the pool in a giant yellow inflatable duck…no? Well now you have! This is one that’ll certainly have you standing out from the crowd, and it’s big enough to squash two of you on if you don’t fancy chilling solo. There’s nothing ugly about this duckling!

9. The avocado

Avocados are good for you, so they say! Well we couldn’t agree more that this trendy fruit floatie should be at the top of your shopping list. Especially if you’re thinking about heading off to somewhere like Mexico – you know they love their guacamole!

10. The cupcake

A cupcake with no calories? Yes, please! This cute fat-free version of your favourite treat is definitely one of our favourite floaties. If you’re a baker at home – or know someone who aspires to be the next Mary Berry – then you couldn’t find a more perfect pool accessory!

Make sure to get kitted out with one of these quirky inflatables and can strut your stuff proudly by the pool before chilling out in style. Let us know which is your favourite!

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