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The Most Outrageous Beach Inflatables

So you’ve put in the hard yards in the gym achieving your perfect summer body to show off on the sandy shores of your destination of choice. To really turn those heads, however, you’ll want the fanciest beach accessories to go along with it.

There’s nothing quite like an eye-catching beach inflatable to break the ice and make friends with your fellow beach-goers. Here are six of the more outrageous water-based inflatable toys on the market, perfect for blowing the competition out of the water.

Giant Hamster Balls

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a hamster, gerbil or other domesticated rodent, running around in a plastic bubble of your own? Now you can find out. To get inside you have to stand inside a deflated ball and plug your ears, while a pressurised air hose is fed into the globe and it inflates around you. Then, you too can walk on water – just like the locals in Shanghai where the idea took off.

A Real Water Slide

You can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned slide, providing hours of fun for kids and grownups alike. Aquaglide manufacture a wide range of slides and other toys equally ideal for wowing friends and strangers. The plastic incarnation holds several advantages over traditional slides, including portability, softer material and, of course, when placed in water, it offers a far more exciting finale!

Sea Sofa

Now you can combine the advantages of being a beach bum and a couch potato in one experience with this giant inflatable settee. With attachments for harnessing the sofa to a speedboat, you and your friends can lie back and be pulled around the waves to your heart’s content… or just float about aimlessly until the sun goes down.

Aquatic Trampoline

How do you make a standard trampoline even more enjoyable? Surround it with water, of course! Not only can you execute perfect pikes, somersaults and straddles without fear of accident or injury, you can even flip yourself into the water from a great height! Gymnasts, daredevils and small children will especially love this one (and fully grown children too, of course)!

Bouncy Beach Bossaball

Who said that all beach inflatables had to be positioned on the water? This inflatable court takes beach volleyball to a whole new level. With integrated trampolines, players can now reach new heights for their spikes and the court adds another dimension to this already incredibly popular game. Having originated in Spain, “Bossaball” now has a foothold in sun-soaked countries around the world, including Brazil, Portugal and Qatar, among many, many others.

Inflatable Octopus Kytoon

So far we’ve had several inflatables suited for water and land… now one for the air. This giant inflatable octopus is slightly terrifying, hugely impressive and fully awesome. Pioneered back in the 1940s, these “balloon kites” or “kytoons” are single-line devices which are easy-to-use and striking to behold. New Zealand manufacturer Peter Lynn produced the model shown, and continues to dominate the market with the biggest and most impressive styles to this day.