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The hidden side of Ibiza: where nature and history collide

Ibiza’s legendary clubs do most of the PR work, so Ibiza may not feel the urge to present itself under any other light than that of its brightest strobes. Yet considering its size and the amount of natural treasures scattered around it, it would be a pity to label the largest Balearic island as a pure and simple nightlife capital when there are so many other things to do on summer trips to Ibiza this year.

In fact, much of Ibiza’s territory is covered by trees and hilly areas, which make it a hotspot for the adventurous and nature lovers alike. Perhaps the best argument for its unique environment and beautiful wilderness is the fact that Ibiza was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List for Biodiversity and Culture in 1999, and it has four attractions that are currently under UNESCO protection.

Among the reasons why Ibiza made it to this unique list is also its historical legacy, which can be seen in the 16th century fortifications of the Ibiza Old Town, as well as the Phoenician ruins of Sa Caleta and the Upper Town, which has a unique mix of Phoenician, Arab and Catalan influences. This alone means that you don’t need to be a party animal to start looking into Ibiza All Inclusive holidays; the island is packed with history, culture and nature – never mind the stunning beaches!

To get away from the fashionable crowds on busy beaches like Ses Salinas and Les Figueretas, we suggest doing some research for the best mountain bike trails around the island. A great way to discover some of the more remote spots is to explore the Santa Ignes Valley through Santa Inés, San Mateo, Cala Aubarca, Camp Vell and back. Along the road, you can expect all the little things that make the Mediterranean landscapes so special: green countryside, ribbon roads, vineyards, bays, cliffs and stunning panoramas across the Mediterranean Sea.

Many Ibiza villas and hotels are situated not far from the seaside, however, it would be foolish to miss out on the opportunity to explore some of the most spectacular hidden shorelines. The most exciting way to explore Ibiza has to be to on a kayak – simply enquire via companies like Mundo Activo to hire equipment and you’ll soon be able venture near and photograph the rocky cliffs lying offshore. While following your guide, make sure to ask some questions about the local seaweed, Posidonia, which helps to make the local aquatic environment one of the most rich and varied on this side of the world.

With abundant opportunities for marine, inland and historical exploration, it would be very limiting to stick to the typical hotel-beach-bar-club routine on your trips to Ibiza: bring a little curiosity and this beautiful island will deliver a surprise around every little corner.