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The Four Main Types of Island-Hoppers: Which Are You?

The Balearics are a perfect holiday destination: Warm weather, perfect beaches, a laid-back vibe and great music. The cuisine is fresh and delicious, the sunsets stunning, and like everywhere in Spain, kids are welcome. Need we go on? Of course, with all this beauty and wonder about, it’s hard to pick just one island to holiday on. That’s why so many people love the sport of island-hopping!

The island-hopper with an adventurous streak

This traveller is ready to climb mountains, hike through rainforests, slide down waterfalls and swim through underwater caves in order to peer over the lip of a volcano, view incredible shipwrecks, and find the perfect vantage point to enjoy the best sunsets known to humankind. Of course, there’s also “the-island-hopper-with-an-adventurous-streak-when-it-comes-to-the-volume-and-variety-of-cocktails-they’re-ready-and-willing-to-consume” (see: “The island-hopper who’s really a bar hopper.”)

The island-hopper who’s really a bar hopper

There are plenty of reasons why the partier in search some sun should check out a Balearic holiday—Ibiza alone has more clubs and bars than you could shake a Glo-stick at. But wait, while you’re there you’d better see how the next island over parties – Magaluf is no slouch, ending up on our top five party destinations list right next to its party-crazy cousin. And if you’ve a bartender who happens to excel at your favourite drink, well… why stop at one?

The romantic island-hopper

The Balearics are havens for honeymooners, and it’s easy to see why. The chance to canoodle on white sandy beaches, rubbing suntan lotion into each other before strolling barefoot to a beachside grill to eat overlooking waving palm trees is très romantic. As are hammocks for two to laze away the days, his’n’hers spa treatments especially for couples, and hotel suites so beautiful you need never leave the room, unless of course you want to immerse yourself in stunning nature. Real romance is doing all of this while sampling the different offerings of each island.

The island-hopper with a taste for luxury

This type of traveller will ask for recommendations of the very best places to eat, which tiny, deserted coves to sunbathe in, the best bars with the finest cocktails to drink at, and of course, the most exclusive boutique hotels to sleep in (preferably with insane pools for relaxing). Expense is no object for this well-heeled connoisseur, nor is distance, and how difficult that deserted cove is to get to – not because they’ll scramble over rocks and swim stormy seas to get there, but because they’ll hire a helicopter. Problem solved.

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