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The best time to travel to Greece and catch those cheap deals

The best time to travel to Greece and catch those cheap deals

With gorgeous white sand beaches, over 2,000 unique islands, and hundreds of ancient Greek structures and buildings to explore, you may be thinking there’s never a bad time to visit Greece. And while that’s true, there are definitely better times than others – where you’ll be able to experience more of the islands, enjoy the glorious weather and catch those cheap deals. If you’re planning a trip to Greece any time soon have a read through our guide to find out the best time to travel to catch those cheap deals.



Welcome summer

Weather-wise the best time to visit Greece is between April to mid-October. This is Greece’s summer season, and will be the best time to soak up the rays on your beach of choice. This season sees the hotels opening up their doors and restaurants and nightlife venues coming alive.

It’s an ideal time to make the most of your holiday to Greece, and the months of April, May and October is when you’ll find it the easiest to book a holiday at discounted prices.

More specifically if you’d like to beat the crowds and bypass Greece’s peak season, visit in the early summer or beginning of autumn. The weather will still be beautiful, but milder – averaging at 23°C – and you’ll skip the peak prices and visitor numbers. July and the beginning of August are very hot months with averages at 26°C, and the popular islands, including Mykonos, Santorini and Rhodes, see an influx of tourists.

Santorini holiday

Beat the crowds

April and May is the beginning of the summer season, and is ideal for swimming in Greece’s warm waters and doing a bit of historical sightseeing. This is when the hotels start opening up after the winter break and you’ll be visiting before all the crowds arrive.

The islands in April and May are often carpeted with wild flowers and you can experience the beauty of Greece’s outdoors by visiting the 300-metre cliffs of Santorini, the olive groves of Corfu or the mountains of Kefalonia.

The first week of September is when children go back to school, and if you’re travelling without kids it’s an ideal time to visit. The crowds will have lessened, and it’s a perfect time to catch those cheap deals.

If you’re interested in discovering some of Greece’s historical past, the start of September is a fantastic time to delve into its Roman and Greek heritage. All the monuments, ancient citadels and temples will be open for tours, and you’ll have a mostly kid-free holiday as you wander through Greece’s historical sites.

Quiet Greece

Villla Lucia, Perissa, Santorini

Villla Lucia, Santorini

Villla Lucia

Perissa, Santorini, Greek Islands, Greece





Was £685pp

Rodos Star, Afandou, Rhodes

Rodos Star, Rhodes

Rodos Star

Afandou, Rhodes, Greek Islands, Greece





Was £509pp

Philoxenia Studios and Apartments, Katelios, Kefalonia

Philoxenia Studios and Apartments Katelios, Kefalonia

Philoxenia Studios and Apartments

Katelios, Kefalonia, Greek Islands, Greece





Was £369pp

Theodosia Studios and Apartments, Sidari, Corfu

Theodosia Studios and apartments, Corfu

Theodosia Studios and Apartments

Sidari, Corfu, Greek Islands, Greece





Was £281pp

The Greek islands each have their own unique culture, ready and waiting to be explored on your next holiday. Visit during April to October and you’re sure to experience the very best that Greece has to offer.

When are you planning on visiting Greece? Let us know in the comments below.