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The Best Must Have Travel Apps

The Best Must Have Travel Apps

With the growth of smart phones and technology, travelling has never been simpler! Most of us usually always have some sort of device attached to our hands so why not put them to good use and make your trip away that little bit easier by downloading some of the best travel apps.

Take the stress out of traveling and put technology to the test. If you haven’t used these travel apps before, they’ll be no turning back once you get your fill. They can save you time and money as well as helping with life’s little hurdles.

Take a look at the list below and decide which ones you’ll find most useful before your next holiday!

City Mapper

Citymapper app image exampleCitymapper app image example

The ultimate transport app, Citymapper helps you get from A-B in the quickest and most convenient way. Cities can be complicated, especially when you’re not a local but this handy travel app can have you feeling like one in no time at all.

Now live in 39 cities and counting, Citymapper can plan your commute using all forms of public transport. It tells you specifically which number buses you’ll need or where to get your train, tube, ferry’s, trams or even rent a cycles from. It states the times these will next be leaving and how long your journeys will take. Citymapper also details where you need to walk on foot and for how long.

With step by step clear instructions you’ll be at your next destination in no time at all! Citymapper can even direct you through alleyways, shortcuts and residential areas that other apps like Google Maps may miss.

Trip Advisor

Trip Advisor app imageryTrip Advisor app imageryTrip Advisor app imagery

TripAdvisor, 2019

Many of us already use Trip Advisor, but mainly as we’re in the process of booking our holidays. You may already check reviews on where you’re staying, compare hotel prices or even search for flights but the app can still be of use once you’re in destination too.

TripAdvisor is there to be your ultimate travel companion! Looking for a nice place to eat? No problem, simply do a search and pick from a huge range of locations that have all been reviewed by many TripAdvisor users. Struggling to find something to do? Simply open your app and quickly discover nearby hidden gems and divulge into well-formed lists of the best things to do at your location.

The app uses your location settings to pinpoint where you are so its super quick and easy to find what you’re looking for!

Lounge Buddy

Loungebuddy app imagery Loungebuddy app imagery Loungebuddy app imagery

LoungeBuddy, 2019

Airports can be tiring and there’s nothing more envying than watching people float into one of those lovely lounges to be met by cosy seating, along with inclusive snacks and drinks!  This is where the LoungeBuddy travel app can help you out. LoungeBuddy is here to revolutionise your airport experience by giving you the ability to book and access many premium lounges worldwide.

Delays, cancellations, diversions or missed connections can all be out of your control, if you find yourself with more time in the airport than what you thought, LoungeBuddy can be just the thing you’re in need of. Airport Lounges provide the ultimate escape, it’s a haven of tranquillity away from the hustle and bustle of the main airport.

All you have to do is open the app, search for your airport and have a browse of all the available packages!

Google Translate

Google Translate Travel App  

Most of us find ourselves in countries that do not use our native language as their own when holidaying, so Google Translate can be one of the most useful apps to have when traveling abroad!

Translating over 103 languages, Google Translate has the ability to translate by text, images, conversations, handwriting and even instant imagery! – Simply point your camera at an image to receive an instant translation.

Struggling to translate a food menu, make sense of directions or even ask for help? Well struggle no longer, just make sure to download this little beauty before you go!

XE Currency

XE Currency gives you access to all currency information on the go. From that day’s rates to charts and even money transfers. As one of the most trusted resources for currency exchange rates you can compare prices anywhere whilst traveling to be sure you’re getting the best deal at today’s rate.

Even if you’ve already exchanged your money, this useful travel app has a handy converter tool so you can double check how much any purchase you make would cost you in your home currency to better understand its value!


Image of Uber app

Uber, 2019

Probably now one of the most used commuting apps, Uber can have a car by your side ready to go in as little as a few minutes. The app for reliable transport, you can order an Uber for yourself, pool with others for a reduced fair or even request a JUMP e-bike through the app in participating cities.

It’s super easy, you just have to open the app and tell it where you’d like to go. It shows you the cost of the fare and allows you to pin your location to tell the driver where to pick you up. You’ll be given the drivers picture along with the make and registration of the car so you know exactly who’s coming for you before they arrive!

You can link Uber to a credit or debit card, Apple Pay or even your PayPal so there’s no rummaging around trying to find any change. If you want to be super snazzy you can request an UberBLACK which guarantees a higher-end vehicle along with a few additional perks.

Google Maps

Google Maps could be one of the best world navigators with over 220 countries and territories mapped with businesses, shops, restaurants and bars all clearly pinned. Plan your route and get access to real time GPS Navigation – it’s perfect for those who hire cars when travelling!

Google Maps also gives you train and bus information along with walking distances, cycling routes and even operates a connection to Uber if you wish to book a taxi.

Street View is available in certain areas so you can happily browse your planned locations for places to go or to familiarise yourself before traveling.


Trip It App Trip It App   Trip It App

If you’re someone who travels a lot or if your trip has multiple stops, a travel app like Tripit can be a real lifesaver. Use this platform as a one stop shop for all your travel plan information, Tripit can create you a master itinerary for every trip you take!

Once you’ve made a booking all you have to do is forward your confirmation email onto Tripit and they’ll instantly add it to your master itinerary. No more searching through your inbox to find those important details and you can even sync travel plans to your phones calendar.

Flush – Toilet Finder & Map

Flush - Toilet Finder App Imagery Flush - Toilet Finder App Imagery

Flush – Toilet Finder, 2019

There’s nothing worse when you’re out and about enjoying your day than finding yourself needing to urgently go to the toilet with no idea where your closest one may be. Flush toilet finder removes that stress away from you. Simply open the app and by use of your location settings it will display the nearest toilets to you in a matter of seconds!

It has over 190,000 bathrooms in its database and you can even search for them without internet connection. They’ll state if there’s disabled access, if you need a key or if there’s a fee to use. Users can even rate and report toilets so you can see how nice they may be before heading there to find out for yourself!

If the country you are visiting is not collaborative with Flush, try SitOrSquat too!

TUI travel money card app

Tui Travel AppTui Travel App  Tui Travel App

Many of us now use online banking on the day to day, so why should this have to change when we holiday abroad. Well it doesn’t! If you prefer to use a card to make payments, make sure you opt for a TUI currency card when you purchase your currency. You can then register your card on their handy travel money app and keep track of your spends just like you would with your normal online banking.

Simply set up your own four-digit pin number login and once online you can check your balance, top up your card from your current account, make currency transfers and view all your transaction history. This travel app even has a travel money calculator so you can see how much you’d get from various currency’s using today’s rates. You can order currency online from the app and even use it to find local ATMs and TUI shops.


An app to capture all those moments that you used to only wish you had. 1 Second Everyday only requires you to snap a second of your life each day to make your very own monthly movie.

A fun way to make a memoire of your holidays, it literally takes seconds to upload a quick video or add an image. At the end of the month or whichever timeframe you customise, you’ll have created your own homemade movie to cherish forever!


Snapseed is your personal professional photo editor which has been developed by Google.

Choose from 29 tools and filters to transform your amateur shots into something to be proud of. From pre-set filters, cropping, rotation, white balance, tune image and even healing – removing that uninvited person from the background of your picture, you can do it all! We can’t always capture the perfect photo but Snapseed can help you get there.

SpotAngels Parking

This one is specifically available for those traveling to America, Germany, Brussels or even staying in London but there’s likely to be something similar for other destinations you may visit too!

Find free parking, get parking deals, even locate your car. SpotAngels can save you time and money, they’re on a mission to fix parking problems in major cities. The app helps you find parking and avoid tickets. If you’re renting a car abroad, you’ll likely already have to deal with driving on the other side of the road so you don’t need finding parking to become an issue too!

Open the app and simply put in where you’d like to go, it will then show you all the parking options around that location. It tells you how many hours you can park there, if there are charges or if it’s free and if there are any restrictions! – We’ve used this app ourselves and it honestly helped so much and saved us lots of money by not having to instantly head for those costly public car parks.

These apps may save you time, money or both! If you’re ready to put some to the test, why not browse for your next holiday right here and find out how much you can SAVE with Holiday Hypermarket too.