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Classic wines from Californian Cuveries – Holiday Hypermarket team up with Virgin Wines to bring you exclusive deals

We’re proud to have partnered with Virgin Wines, bringing you the best deals on incredible flavours from around the world. Not content with just offering the best of European vineyard craftsmanship, this case allows you to indulge in some of the finest American wines – a dozen California classics, now for less than £5.50 a bottle.

With wine production now taking place in all 50 states of the USA, it makes sense that the country has flown into place as the fourth largest wine producer in the world. And with Californian production accounting for 89% of all wines coming out of America, it seems only right to see what’s on offer there with this mixed case of rich reds and fresh, fruity whites.

If you prefer a crisp, clean-drinking white then the North Ritz Road Chardonnay might well be the choice for you, beaming with subtle citrus flavours. The Project One Viognier has just the right touch of gentle aromatic taste, with perfumed hints of pear and peach that stay fresh on the palate.

For a rich, cinnamon-infused red, look no further than the charmingly named Que Syrah Syrah, a sumptuous offering from the family-run Bear Creek Winery in Lodi. This bottle is packed with smooth cocoa notes and strong red fruits, and would be as great with spicy food and meaty dishes as on its own.

From the blackcurrant hints of a Vespertine Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon to the zesty, unashamedly fruity Highway 99 Chardonnay, this case covers all bases while you’re dreaming of the Golden State – click here to find out more.