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The 5 Most Unbelievable Couture Collections Coming Out of Spain

There is a flamboyance and a fearlessness to Spanish fashion that can’t be matched by designers from anywhere else on the planet. From bold patterns and shapes to cutting edge fabrics and stunning color palettes, the couture coming from the country is undeniably eye-catching. Here’s our pick of the five hottest Spanish designers of the season…

  • Balenciaga Spring/Summer 2016

“A woman has no need to be perfect or even beautiful to wear my dresses,” Cristóbal Balenciaga once said. “The dress will do all that for her.” Balenciaga’s summer collection certainly lives up to that premise, with dresses that appear to simply wrap themselves around women’s bodies, complete with layers of lace, corsetry and gorgeous pink hues. To find out more about the man behind the dresses, check out the Cristóbal Balenciaga Museum next time you visit Getaria, near San Sebastian in the Basque Country.

  • Pepa Salazar, Summer 2015

At last year’s Fashion Week in the Spanish capital of Madrid, this talented Spanish designer showed the world how truly amazing fashion technology can be, by designing a collection of pieces made with Hydrochromic fabrics. The gorgeous tailored dresses, shirts, and skirts changed colour once they made contact with water.

  • Manolo Blahnik, Autumn 2015

In anticipation of autumn 2015, Manolo Blahnik is taking inspiration from the ornate design found in Russia for this season’s shoes. From rich gold-buckled brocade pumps to fur-festooned booties, the emphasis is on sheer opulence. If you like the look, why not soak up the atmosphere in the designer’s own home turf, the Canary Islands, on your holiday this year?

  • Inés Figaredo, Summer 2015

As a former lawyer turned designer, Inés Figaredo treats bags as an art form, basing her concepts on nature and her own imagination. Her bags are handmade in Madrid, with the finest leather and materials. This season’s collection, including the adorable telephone-inspired handbag, are to die for.

  • The Xavi Reyes collections

Young Spanish designer Xavi Reyes studied at Central Saint Martins, while interning with renowned Spanish designers – and his first two collections have shown how much all that hard work is paying off. Inspired by “youth, future, sadness, and street culture,” his style suggests the subtle androgyny that is so on trend this season.