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The 10 Social Media Holiday Habits Everyone Has

There was a time when your family and co-workers would dread you going on holiday, because it meant that as soon as you got back you would force them to sit through your album of holiday snaps. Of course, nowadays, things are different. Yes, nowadays, it happens in real time.

Just because you’re going to get away from it all doesn’t mean that everyone else can get away from you! It’s not enough to enjoy your holiday. You have to make sure that everyone at home, with their jobs and their weather, knows you’re on holiday. So that they can hate you, just as you hated them when they went on holiday.

You might thing you’re too cool for this, that you know how to go on holiday with a little bit of class. But you are wrong. By the time you get back from holiday, somehow, magically, all of these will have appeared on your social media accounts from your Facebook, to your Twitter, to your Google+… Okay, maybe not your Google+. These are the 10 social media holiday habits everyone has…

1. The countdown

It starts before you even begin packing. This stage of the holiday social media experience can start days, weeks, or months before your holiday actually begins. In extreme cases some people start the countdown as soon as they get back from their last holiday.

2. Show us your bags!

Yes, a photo of some luggage lined up by the door might not be visually interesting in any way, but heavens forbid your Facebook feed shows any gaps in the narrative of your holiday!

5. Checking in

We don’t mean checking in at the airport, we mean Checking In at the airport. Once upon a time you might have used Foursquare for this, but GET WITH IT, PEOPLE.

4. The airport selfie

Once you’re actually on holiday, however, the fun really begins. Now, your holiday won’t be a whirlwind of excitement from the very start. Airports, traditionally, are quite dull. With a few exceptions, most airports are boring waiting rooms deliberately placed in the ugliest part of whatever country they happen to be in, with nothing to do except buy overpriced tat from the same six chain shops that seem to appear in every airport on the globe. Clearly, you must share this with the world!

5. #Andrelax

Because you can’t truly begin to unwind until you’ve posted a photo of your hotel room and used a hashtag to tell people you’re relaxing.

6. Look how tall I am, LOL!

You’re going to Italy for your holidays? Then it is an absolute inevitability that at some point you are going to take this picture. It’s funny, because the tower looks small, when actually it’s just far away, whether you’re holding up the Leaning Tower of Pisa or putting your finger on top of the Eiffel Tower. Of course, if you want to mix it up a bit, there are plenty of variations on the format. Why not travel to Egypt, and get photographed performing the epic and hilarious “Got your nose” trick on the Sphynx?

7. All meals must be documented

Years from now, when you look back on your life, the one regret that’s probably really going to eat you is that you don’t have a better visual record of those spicy lamb and feta skewers you had on holiday in Greece six years ago. Or that Spanish tapas. Or that really nice fry up you had in a B&B on the English coast. The point is, while you’re on holiday you need to make sure there is photographic evidence of every single meal you eat. Your friends and family at home will want to know you’re staying well fed, and your future descendents will view it as a valuable historical document. Image from Reddit

8. Look at my legs!

Why does everyone love this picture? It doesn’t matter whether it’s an advert, an article, or your friend who’s on holiday, you can’t have anything about a beach holiday without this picture. Is your life back in the real world so hectic that you want to have a lasting reminder of what your legs look like lying down?

9. Missing home comforts

If you didn’t have the foresight to pack them before you left, this is around the point in the holiday where you begin missing decent teabags, digestive biscuits, and Heinz Baked Beans.

10. Wishing you were back on holiday

You think you’re relaxed, refuelled and ready to face the world again, but it only takes one minute to realise you already need another holiday.