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The 10 Best Destinations for Year-Round Sun

What do we want? Sun! When do we want it? Always! With the Great British climate as stubbornly depressing as ever, it’s no surprise if you want to get away from it all at the drop of a hat and soak up some sun in fairer climes.

Luckily, there are a whole host of exciting destinations around the world, each offering more sun than you can shake a parasol at. So if you like your holidays more sun-dried than your tomatoes, check out this list of sizzling settings around the globe… and around the calendar.


Who wouldn’t want to be marooned on a never-ending Mauritius holiday? With scenery that looks as though it has leapt right out of Lost (though with fewer smoke monsters, polar bears and deranged ‘Others’), this Ireland-sized island is a cultural hodge-podge of Dutch, French and British ancestry.

Rio de Janeiro

Tasty caipirinhas, iconic Copacabana beach, an epic statue of Christ the Redeemer… Rio de Janeiro really does have it all. Acres of glorious beaches are bordered by lush rainforests which clamber lazily up the sides of sprouting rocky outcrops surrounding the city. Feel the samba!


Recently voted as the top tourist destination of 2015 by users of TripAdvisor, Morocco is the up-and-coming place to be. The vibrancy and colour of the place is complemented perfectly by year-round lashings of sunshine – and of course, scintillating sunsets to go with it.


If you’re looking for an African destination rife with history, look no further than one of the most ancient civilisations on the planet. From the Pyramids of Giza and the notorious Sphinx to the murky waters of the Nile and the reef-filled Red Sea, Egypt is truly a history buff’s idea of heaven.


It’s little wonder the residents of Hawaii are under the impression their home is paradise. Unbeatable beaches, imposing volcanoes, stunning waterfalls and friendly locals combine to make Hawaii one of the most perfect places on Earth.

The Canary Islands

As one of the closest exotic getaways to the UK, the Canaries are attractive not only for their proximity but also for their unparalleled sweeping vistas, great nightlife and involving outdoor activities. They’re not just for twenty-somethings looking for a boozy escape – they also offer fantastic hiking opportunities for Swiss Family Robinsons or intrepid solo explorers.


Forget about triangular conspiracy theories and gaudy God-awful shorts, the British Territory of Bermuda is a haven for celebrities and beach bums alike who just want to get away from it all. Still not sold? It has pink beaches! Now you are.


The under-appreciated country of Malaysia boasts mean year-round temperatures of between 21°C and 32°C , making it an ideal getaway whatever the season. Diverse scenery, eclectic wildlife and widely spoken English make up more advantages to this surprise package of South East Asia.

Cape Verde

This delightful African archipelago consists of ten islands and umpteen glorious sandy stretches of beach, each with its own unique charm. With weather and culture comparable to the Caribbean, Cape Verde offers an increasingly popular alternative to that neck of the woods.


Another South East Asian gem, Vietnam has managed to survive the scars of several ravaging wars without losing its charm or its lustre. To check out a town seemingly preserved from the war, don’t miss scenic Hội An, an architectural and cultural charmer of the highest calibre.