Team Travels: Corie’s Trip to Ibiza

Team Travels: Corie’s Trip to Ibiza

Music is a part of Ibiza’s soul, and we planned this trip around a very special event – Duran Duran’s 40th Anniversary show. It was an exclusive event on the island, and as a big Duran Duran fan, my mam was more than happy to make this a part of our family holiday. Listening to A View to a Kill with views that kill? Yes please!

Going away with my family, I really wanted to see more of the island – I’ve been to Ibiza twice before on clubbing holidays with the girls, but the hangovers left little room for exploration. Now I’ve been with my family, I can’t believe it took me so long to discover all it has to offer! 

Add our days exploring to our lively nights, and we had the perfect family holiday. Take it from me – this beautiful Balearic island should be at the top of your list!

Getting there

We flew from Leeds airport – a change from our usual Newcastle departure, but found it all to be just as smooth and efficient. We parked in the off-site airport car park we’d booked with holidayextras, and hopped on the transfer bus which dropped us off directly outside the departures area – the whole thing only took about ten minutes!

We were delighted that the airport process was like that of pre-pandemic times. No testing, no forms – perfect! We’d already checked in online prior to getting to the airport, so we simply used the self service baggage drops to drop off our hold luggage, whizzed through security and before we knew it we were sat having a celebratory gin in the bar. Easy peasy!

After a short and seamless flight of just 2 hours and 30 minutes, we landed in sunny Ibiza! If you’ve travelled to Ibiza before, you’ll know what a treat it is as you approach the island – long stretches of beach and turquoise waters are on full display right up until the second you land. 

Our luggage beat us to the conveyor belt – a first! – and we also flew through passport control. To enter Spain at the moment you need to show your NHS Covid Pass, recovery certificate, or negative test, and once we’d done that, we were out of the airport and on our transfer bus. From landing to getting on the bus it was less than 30 minutes! 

The Hotel

We stayed at Sal Rossa Apartments, located right in the heart of Playa Den Bossa, and just a 5 minute journey from the airport. We chose these apartments primarily because they were one of the cheaper options available (Playa Den Bossa can be a pricier part of the island) but we couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised. There’s nowhere else we’d have rather stayed! 

This hotel has a modern feel to it, with neon lighting making the pool area and balconies come to life on an evening, and its location is spectacular – walk just 10 steps away from the pool and you’re on the island’s longest and most popular beach. 

The hotel also doubles as an exciting eatery – known as Nice Restaurant – and wow, the food is something else! We tried other restaurants in the local area during our stay, but there was nowhere that delivered the same quality of food as our hotel. 

Our favourite was the Tex Mex burger and the nachos – both bursting with flavour from fresh guacamole, jalapenos and tasty tortilla chips. And the drinks – talk about being spoilt for choice! I started my mornings with a delicious iced frappe, had a naughty nutella milkshake with lunch and on an evening I’d treat myself to a slushy strawberry daiquiri. We thought the prices were really reasonable too! 

Those fascinated with flying will also love this hotel, as being close to the airport you’re treated to mesmerising sights as planes glide past, preparing to land. It’s amazing to witness!

Popular Playa Den Bossa

After a couple of days doing nothing more than sipping on cocktails around the pool, we ventured out along the seafront directly in front of our hotel, along Playa Den Bossa Beach. 

This stretch of shore is peppered with beachfront eateries, serving up everything from fresh fish dishes to a tasty selection of tapas. We ate at Bora Bora Beach Club, where we tucked into a fusion of Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine, all with stunning beach views. You can even chill out on balinese beds and hammocks here, too.

On the night, it was time for the main event – Duran Duran’s concert at Ushuaia! This open-air club and hotel is a standout venue for any music event – the crowd snakes around a gigantic pool, acts take to a glittering main stage, and you’ll be starstruck as aeroplanes seemingly skim your head above. This place has a real exclusive feel to it. 

Needless to say we loved every minute of the concert – Pete Tong warmed things up with dance remixes of 80’s hits, before Simon Le Bon belted out hits like ‘Girls on Film’, ‘The Reflex’ and of course, ‘Rio’. It was amazing!

Be prepared for the crazy prices of Ibiza clubs however – a single spirit and mixer was no less than 25 euros, with a diet coke coming in at 13 euros. My top tip would be to enjoy plenty of pre drinks back at your hotel first!

Idyllic Ibiza Town

Ibiza Town is only a short distance from Playa Den Bossa – it’s about a 45-minute walk, or a quick 15 minute taxi. We enjoyed the picturesque walk along the seafront from our hotel, enjoying a sneaky cocktail en route, and before we knew it we were at the base of the Castle of Ibiza. 

These impressive walls contain medieval fortifications, and if you steadily make your way to the top, you’ll be rewarded with the most amazing views of the capital city. We were a little out of breath at the top, but it was more than worth it! 

On the way down you’ll make your way through quaint cobbled streets, leading out into the cutest courtyard filled with tiny boutique stores and charming eateries, all while live music plays peacefully in the background.  

Along near the harbour you’ll find an array of bars to stop off for a jug (or two!) of sangria, which we were more than happy to do. After our walk about the city we decided to hop in a taxi back to our hotel. We’d done over 15,000 steps in just a couple of hours! 

Beats by night

Ibiza Town is also home to Pacha, known as the world’s most iconic nightclub. If you want to put your dancing shoes on, this is the place to go. There’s a whole host of nights on to cater to various music tastes – we went as part of our Duran Duran event, for a DJ set by Roger Taylor himself.

This was my second time in Pacha and by far the best! The atmosphere in the club was electric – the lights, lazers, and glitzy feel to the place more prominent and mesmerising than ever. Roger Taylor blew us away – his set comprised of upbeat versions of 80s classics, from New Order’s Blue Monday to Enjoy the Silence by Depeche Mode. And of course, a few Duran Duran numbers! 

Time for a Road Trip!

On our fourth day, we decided to hire a car for two days to explore the island fully – and I cannot recommend this enough! Ibiza is small enough that you can make your way around the island in just a matter of hours, and we decided to have a day discovering the West side of the island first. 

The Views of Es Vedra

After all the excitement of the concert, we were after something more serene – and we could not have picked a better place. I’d seen a photo of Es Vedra online, but nothing could have prepared me for seeing it in real life. In one word – breathtaking!

Es Vedra is an uninhabited limestone island just off the coast of Ibiza, and if you’re a Disney fan, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into the real-life setting of Moana. 

We parked up at Mirador Car Park and followed the trail to the cliff edge, which opens out to a stunning view point, allowing you to take in all the scenery, the lapping sea, and the magical island before you. It’s a must-visit!

Beautiful Cala Bassa

Next up on our road trip was Cala Bassa – a secluded cove on the North West side of the island. The waters here are so crystal clear you could be mistaken for being in the Caribbean.

We spent a while here swimming in the much warmer waters and soaking up the sun – this beach is all about chilled vibes. We could have happily stayed here all day!

Just away from the beach, you’ll find a gorgeous rocky area. If you love jumping off rocks into the sea, this is the spot for you! My brothers and I had fantastic fun jumping into the deep coves below. I’d recommend wearing swim shoes to get in and out!

If you’d prefer to stay dry, you can sit and enjoy the view that looks out across the bay, where you’ll spot the signs of our next stop – lively San Antonio. 

Sunny San Antonio

No trip to Ibiza is complete without a stop in San An. Known for its spectacular sunsets and lush long promenade brimming with boat trips and watersports, you could spend days here as there’s simply so much to do. 

We parked up and enjoyed a wonderful walk along the palm tree-lined promenade, past the harbour and along to the world-famous Cafe Mambos. This seafront bar serves up delicious cocktails, and is THE place to enjoy the most spectacular sunset. I was more than happy to sit here for a while sipping on my strawberry daiquiri and watching the sun go down.

Pretty Portinatx

Our fifth day had come around so fast, and it was time to explore the North and East side of the island. First up was the picturesque fishing village of Portinatx, the most northerly bay of Ibiza. 

Walking into this picturesque place feels like uncovering a hidden gem – there’s a beautiful sandy beach surrounded by tall trees, little shops selling all kinds of trinkets and gorgeous little restaurants and bars dotted along the footpath. 

There’s a small jetti leading out to the glistening Med, making it the perfect backdrop for a family photo. We stopped at a local bar and had a couple of mojitos – it would be rude not to with these stunning surroundings! 

Views for days

Our next stop took us to the North East side of island. If you love nothing more than a good view, then it’s well worth making the trip to the Punta Grossa Panoramic view point. 

After a winding car journey to the top – taking in marvellous views all the way up – we reached the summit. Looking over the cliff edge isn’t for the faint hearted! You feel like you’re on top of the world, and the views were something else.

After a few pics at the top it was time to move on to our last stop!

Santa Eularia des Riu

Did we save the best to last? Quite possibly! This coastal town has everything you could possibly want, and has a real, authentic, Spanish feel to it. 

If you’re after a quieter place to stay in comparison to the loud and lively areas of Playa Den Bossa and San Antonio, I’d suggest a stay here in Santa Eularia.

Our day of exploring meant we’d worked up quite the appetite, and we walked all along the pretty promenade trying to decide on where to eat. There were so many amazing options – all with sea views!

We were in the mood for some Italian food, and finally settled on a little family-run restaurant where I had the TASTIEST spaghetti bolognese ever. Topped off with extra parmesan, of course!

A Real Insight into Ibiza

This holiday was the perfect mix of all this little island has to offer. As music lovers we took full advantage of the experiences on offer, but even if you have no interest in setting foot in a club, Ibiza has a charm that spreads all across the island. 

Plus, it makes a great change from your usual Majorca or mainland Spain getaway. Amazing food, wonderful sights, sounds, and just all round good vibes. See you next time, Ibiza!

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