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New York State of Mind: fashion vs. the weather

I love dressing up on holiday – it sets the fantasy of holiday life apart from everyday life. You might feel silly wearing street-style-worthy clothes on the school run, but holidays to New York are a chance to...

British Travellers Make Secure Accommodation a Top Priority

There are many articles on the subject of what British travellers look for on their cheap holidays, with most concerning themselves about such factors as value for money, sunshine, the quality of the beaches or the attractions available....

Travelling Cat Traverses USA

While it’s usually humans making grand voyages where they traverse the United States, this time the epic traveller in question was a cat called Willow.

No Charge Child Care Leaves Parents Free to Ski

Skiline, the ski holidays travel agent who pride themselves on being “run by skiers, for skiers” have announced their latest deal for the forthcoming ski season: free child care for their customers.

Beat the Airport Rush, Book Airport Hotels

That’s the advice from hotel Radisson Blu spokeswoman Kathrin Cockhill. The director of sales and marketing for the Radisson Blu said that booking a hotel that is on site the night before your flight can offer you a...