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Tacky Souvenirs you Wish They had Left Behind

Those of us born in a certain era will remember the minute the school bell rang for the summer school holidays. Packed into the Ford Cortina wedged in like a tin of sardines off you went on your travels along the English coast.

Travelling abroad became trendy in the late 1970’s. Families headed off to Spain and Italy and with no review sites available off you went with no idea if the hotel would be as it appeared in the brochure or if it even existed.

There was no option to pre-book seats, so you always set off to the airport early and at check–in you were given the option of smoking or non-smoking. Really? With limited choice for shopping and dining in the airport you counted down the minutes to boarding whilst singing Viva La Espana.

No sooner had the air hostess announced her welcome on board speech, you would have your notepad and pen whipped out of your pocket ready to start penning your who to buy for list, not forgetting Aunt Nellie’s tea towel.

Looking back over the years, I  have received some crazy souvenirs from friends and family after their travels abroad. Here at the Holiday Hypermarket a poll was conducted on the worst souvenirs received.

The results are in?


Of course on your return home, it was a requirement to board the plane with a sombrero proudly placed on your head and a straw donkey nestled under your arm. Saving your hard earned money would start all over again but not for your next holiday, oh no this was to pay for your photos to be developed. And, sending off for those reels of film was often a long and costly process.

So, if you’re gift hunting on your next cheap last minute holidays, we recommend a gift with some use. Pens and tea towels seem to be a safe bet.

Now, tell us about your worst holiday souvenirs below.