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Which tablet should you take on holiday?

Tablets have become the latest holiday essential. Despite entering the mainstream market just four years ago, these small computers are pretty much on everyone’s packing checklist. Whether it’s for watching movies on the plane, playing games in the hotel lobby, or reading the latest bestseller on the beach, no suitcase is complete without the latest piece of mobile computing gadgetry.

With so many different types on the market, it can be difficult to decide which is the one for you. To help, we have put together an insightful comparison of the key facts and figures that you need to make a decision.

So what are other people buying? Well, we conducted a survey and found that, not surprisingly, the iPad Mini was the most popular with 55% of the vote, despite the lack of sex appeal. Thanks to the flexibility of the Android software, the Nexus 7 came in second with 35%, while the Kindle Fire HDX was bottom of the pile, although it did boast the best battery life.