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Sustainable Travel: The Best Hotels for Eco Travellers

In recent years it seems sustainable travel is becoming more and more popular, and many of us are choosing travel experiences based on their environmental, social, and economic impacts. So, if you want to travel green this year but don’t want to stay in a tent or an ecolodge with no comforts, well the good news is you don’t have to!

Eco travel doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your luxuries, and they are plenty of Travelife-certified hotels becoming a part of the green scene by improving their sustainability, supporting local people, and protecting the environment. Want to know where you can find these hotels? Then look no further because we have rounded up the best sustainable hotels.

Robinson Club Quinta da Ria, Algarve, Portugal

Sustainable tourism is easily found in Portugal, especially in the four star plus property Robinson Club Quinta da Ria. This hotel is perfect for landscape lovers with its nature reserve setting which offers pure tranquility. And with everything from a gym with its very own fitness programme to themed fitness weeks and a Wellfood dining option this hotel is all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

But what does it do for the environment? Well, what doesn’t it do, this hotel isn’t Travelife-certified for no reason. That’s right, Robinson Club Quinta da Ria has its own electricity through its 440 square feet of solar panels which provides hot water for its guests, uses a range of energy-efficient technologies, and supports local communities through working with youth organisations. The kids’ club also does its bit for the environment with its Nature Day where the children help plant trees and build birds’ nests.

Sensatori Resort, Crete

The Sensatori brand is known for its industry-leading commitment to sustainability, and in particular The Sensatori Resort in Crete. This five star heaven is one of Thomson’s most loved products for its excellent service and stunning surroundings.

But what’s more, this hotel is leading the eco way by using energy saving light bulbs and placing monitoring devices in all rooms to reduce the water flow. Besides, the kids’ club has an Eco Warrior’s day where it teaches children how to look after the environment. And did you know when the holiday period is over any unused food which can’t be returned to the suppliers is donated to a local orphanage.

Sani Beach Club & Spa, Halkidiki, Greece

Sani Beach Club & Spa is placed neatly on Sani’s Blue Flag winning shores and offers five star luxuries for all its guests. From a distance this may seem like a typical lavish hotel that overlooks eco-tourism, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, this hotel is doing everything it can to make sure it’s greener and fairer to the environment.

The hotel recycles just over 34,000 tonnes of paper and 171,000 tonnes of glass a year. And it doesn’t stop there, they also have low energy light bulbs and reflow reducers on taps to minimise both the water stream and high energy usage. Guests can also get involved in the hotel’s green practices as each room comes with a special bag where guests are encouraged to recycle their empties.

Hotel Savoy Gardens, Madeira, Portugal

With stunning panoramic views of Funchal, this four star Couples property is the perfect getaway among Madeira‘s tropical scenery. And having won a Travelife Gold award Sustainability is high on this hotels agenda. This is demonstrated through leaflets and flyers designed to showcase the many ways the hotel is helping the environment.

So, what makes this hotel eco-friendly? Where do we start this hotel trains all staff to follow the hotel’s sustainability practices, it is equipped with energy saving devices, and finally they help the local community by working alongside professional establishments to offer development courses to students.

The Sands Khao Lak, Thailand

As one of Khao Lak’s latest additions, this hotel has only recently achieved a Travelife Gold award, but this doesn’t mean that it is doing anything less to help reduce its carbon footprint. In fact, the hotel provides specialist environmental training so all staff can see how important it is to protect our planet.

However, this message isn’t only aimed towards staff as the hotel expects guests to follow suit. This message is put across through stickers placed in all rooms to remind guests how they can get involved with the hotel’s eco-friendly practices, for instance, giving them the option to reuse their towels in order to save water.

Magic Life Sarigerne, Turkey

Situated in stunning Sarigerme, Magic Life screams eco-tourism. This hotel is looking towards a greener future with its three year sustainability plan, and as one of the first hotels to achieve a Travelife Gold award under the new criteria, this is the ideal stay if you care about the planet.

So, as part of the new criteria all the energy sources will need to be recorded and staff training will be much more focused. Plus, one of the main ways staff have been helping the environment is by cleaning the sea floor around the island as this will help protect the wildlife on this island.

So, it’s time to reduce, reuse, and recycle on your next holiday.

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