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Sunny Beach – Bulgaria Holiday Blog

I went on my holidays to Bulgaria in Sep ’08 and stayed at the Chaika Beach hotel in Sunny Beach. We travelled as a group of 5, and we were of a wide age range. It was 3am when we arrived at the hotel, but the welcome we received from the hotel staff was still so warm and friendly. The reception was so grandly decorated with marble floors and chandeliers. We felt like royalty. To add to this, the porter came straight over to take our luggage, and we were taken care of from that moment onwards.

We took the local bus to Nessebar on the first day. It’s a village near to our resort that is steeped in history dating to the 6th century BC. We caught the bus from near a bar called “Go Go Girls”. It was such a culture shock to see the difference between the two resorts. Sunny beach is so, so commercialised, brimming with bars, restaurants and tourists, whereas Nessebar is quieter, more authentic and untouched. The older people in our party enjoyed this probably more than I did, but we went out in resort most nights to sample the famed nightlife, which more than made up for it. There were lots of places to go and things to do from karaoke to bungee jumping (!!!) We all found something to entertain us.

Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach

We went to the water park on day. It’s about £15 each entry, though the bus is free and it’s a really fun day out. We went about a week into the holiday. There’s also a hotel near the casino in Sunny Beach with its own water park within its grounds called the Kuban. You can just pay for a day pass, and it’s really worth visiting.

The best bar we stumbled into (literally) was the Flower Pub. It’s behind the Chaika Hotel it’s only 30p a pint!!!!! We spent most of the holiday in it.

On the last night of the holiday we went to a drag show called Crystals which is just off the beach front. It sounds a bit dubious and tacky, but in actual fact it is a great night out and the drinks at the bar were very cheap. The main act and owner of the club used to work as one of First Choice’s resort managers. This excursion is sold through the reps and they promote it well.

I loved my holiday to Bulgaria, the locals are really welcoming and make you feel so at home. I hardly spent any money too as everything was so cheapy cheap. It was a great holiday for us all even though we were all different ages.

By Anna McDonald