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When sunburn goes wrong

Summer is just around the corner and before long beaches and parks will start to fill up with people trying to catch some rays.

But let’s have a spare thought for the people that like to take a risk and go out with no sun screen and end up with some rather amusing tan lines.

The crimson colour and the pain is enough to make you grab a bottle of sun cream, however some people like to do it for fun. Young adults take the gold for this one, with smiley faces being the popular choice. Unfortunately many are victims of pranks or wrong choice of clothing, and before they realise what’s happening the sun has already done the damage!

Here at Holiday Hypermarket we have found some of the best sunburn pictures, from strap marks to smiley faces to messages on your back these are guaranteed to make you flinch in pain and maybe laugh.

This has got to be the best lobster impression I have seen. That is going to be one painful shower!

This one has left me quite baffled! I am not too sure as to why he had a bikini top on in the first place and why he seems to be so proud of his tan lines.

This really is taking crocodile feet to the extreme on the streets of Benidorm.

Even celebrities get funny sunburn. Kim Kardashian tweeted a picture of herself after she had a day on the slopes, and left her sunglasses on all day OOPS!

There is only one thing left for us to say and that is ‘Don’t forget to pack the sun cream!’