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Summer 2016 fashion in Ibiza

From Boho-chic to High Street smart, style plays an important part on any holiday. If you’re spending time in Ibiza, where you’re likely to be enjoying a wild time both night and day, then your wardrobe has to be on point.

From runway to real life

The Milan, London and Paris fashion shows all revealed that summer 2016 will see a wide range of styles, rather than a single dominant theme. From lace camisoles that blur the line between nightwear and daywear to beautifully embroidered waistcoats worn over oversized muslin shirts, runway fashion provides plenty of inspiration.

Don’t be afraid to copy what you see on the runways, all of these fashions are perfect for Ibiza – in some of the more upmarket areas, such as Cala Jondal, you might even find yourself with an outfit clash on your hands!

Memories of Bohemia

Ever since its days as a magnet for visiting hippies and other free spirits, long dresses have always been on trend for summer style on Ibiza. Flowing dresses are still a popular outfit choice for days spent unwinding in the sun, though materials and styles have changed from the 1960s.

Try and invest in at least one dress that’ll be easy and comfortable to wear. You could always spend some time shopping in Ibiza Town, or San Antonio with its West End shopping quarter is a great place to grab yourself a bargain. Trust us, you’ll be forever thankful for a maxi dress in a striking pattern, such as dip dye or paisley, you can throw on over your bikini to avoid the glare of the Ibiza sun while still looking fabulous.

What not to wear

Ibiza is still widely regarded as Europe’s party central. Many of the island’s visitors flock to the clubs by night and some even continue partying by day. There are certain clothes that aren’t accepted in any of the clubs, and anyway, why wouldn’t you want to be looking your best on a night out?

Shorts and bikini tops may be allowed in some of the more laid-back beach bars, but the larger clubs will expect more of an effort. Pacha asks its male guests to avoid wearing shorts and the bouncers at Space will always request that men keep their shirts on. While getting ready for a big night out in Ibiza, be imaginative but also remember that you’ll need to be comfortable if you’re planning on dancing for hours on end.

Steer clear of six-inch heels when clubbing if you haven’t already mastered the art of walking in them – your feet will ache by the end of the night, or the early morning. Flip flops are also a bad idea as you’ll most likely get fed up with people dancing on your toes as the night goes on.

Let the party start

Once you’ve booked your Ibiza holiday and the party season gets underway, it’s time to start planning your outfits to the hottest events. Pastel colours featured heavily on this year’s fashion runways so you can expect to see plenty of these tones when out clubbing, possibly paired with a bright lipstick. If you want to channel high fashion, you could adopt the Kate Moss, who also frequents Ibiza, classic of a long transparent dress with swimwear or underwear underneath.

In terms of staple items, flat sandals are a must-pack as they’re comfortable, easy to dance in and look stylish too – Pucci, Valentino and even Victoria Beckham dressed their models in flat leather sandals this season. A bit of bling goes a long away and the current trend for metallic dresses, jackets and shorts is sure to sparkle on any dance floor.

Street cool

It’s important to look and be cool when the temperatures hit blazing heights. A relaxed pair of hareem pants complete with a backless top and a pashmina will always look stylish – if possible try to opt for natural materials as some other fabrics can make you hot and uncomfortable.

Hats and sunglasses are essential, they’ll protect you from the sun and give you oodles of street credibility. A hat with a brim is important if you want to get some shelter from the Ibiza sun, and you can give yours a unique twist by tying a silk scarf around it. Try out a cap or a bucket hat if you want to be fashion-forward.

It’s time to pack

Whether you’re a night time hedonist or you’re visiting Ibiza on a family holiday, make sure you set aside enough time to pack for your trip properly. You might spend a lot of your holiday relaxing in shorts and tops, but you’ll need to remember to bring some extra-stylish pieces so you’ll be putting your best fashion foot forward once you reach Ibiza.

If this has got you feeling like donning your favourite summer outfits and enjoying some Ibiza sunshine, then have a look at some of our best deals and find your dream Ibiza holiday today.