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Stick To Your Luggage Allowance With This Holiday Capsule Wardrobe

This is the perfect guide for all the ladies out there. When it comes to packing for our holiday us girls all seem to have one thing in common, we literally pack everything but the kitchen sink. This usually means our partners get the short straw and are left with less luggage allowance.

So, ladies how many of you can relate to these? You’ve booked your holiday to mainland Spain and you’re either frantically running around panic buying or you’re emptying your entire wardrobe contents into your suitcase because you have no idea what to take.

If you can answer yes to one of the above then worry not as we want to make your packing experience a breeze. When you panic pack you tend to forget the major necessities – like your toothbrush or even worse your passport! So, we have put together a guide of the types of clothing you should be taking on a 7 night holiday to mainland Spain.

We have selected clothing and placed them into categories to make packing for your holiday as easy as possible. Remember we all have our own fashion styles and this guide is just a rough idea of what you should be packing.

Beach / Pool wear

Beach and pool wear is pretty straight forward but many of us still pack enough bikinis to kit out a small group of friends.

Here is what you will need to pack:

·         2-3 swimsuits or bikinis

·         A beach cover up

·         Flip flops

·         Sunglasses

·         Hat

·         Beach bag

Daytime wear

If you’re going out to explore the local resort then making sure you have the right clothes can be a tricky task.

Here is what you will need to pack:

·         Shorts

·         2-3 T-Shirts

·         Maxi dress

·         Sandals

Evening wear

Packing evening wear is probably the hardest. Do you pack glamorous outfits or something that is casual yet dressy?

Here is what you will need to pack:

·         Denim shorts

·         3-4 Vest

·         Midi skirt

·         Small heeled sandals

Travelling clothes

Let’s face it most of us are guilty of overthinking the clothes we travel in when in reality you only need one outfit. Wear the same outfit you travelled to your destination in on your return and this will save some much-needed space in your suitcase.

Here is what you will need to wear:

·         Jeans or trousers

·         Vest top

·         A light jumper or cardigan

·         Pair of trainers or pumps

Remember you can mix and match any of these items to suit your style. So, now you have this handy guide why not use it on your next holiday and see how easy packing can actually be!