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Spain Blogs: An Expat’s Guide

Once you’ve settled in a city, it can be hard to write about it with new eyes. Hence some of the most interesting travel blogs out there are written by expats. These writers can recommend museums, restaurants and landmarks that may be interesting to people who don’t know the place, and they can provide a view of one culture through the eyes of another.

Expatica (an online community for expats) hosts blog awards for its “Expat Voices”, including those from Spain. But there are also plenty of others out there, particularly produced by bloggers from other countries who have met significant others in Spain, fallen in love and got married – es el amor! We’ve listed three of our favourite expat Spanish blogs below, so if you’re planning a summer holiday on the golden coasts of Spain, be sure to check them out!

Spanish Sabores is written by Lauren from the small town of Sutton, Massachusetts. She lives in Madrid and writes a “food blog, travel diary, expat guide, and more”, and some of her recipe pictures are totally mouth-watering, especially the Spanish-style desserts. She’s also got plenty of tips about getting married in Spain.

From Barcelona is a fantastic guide to the city, whether you’re interested in learning Spanish, finding part-time work or seeing iconic sights, such as Gaudí’s La Sagrada Familia. Begin your exploration of Spain here –  there are links to info & guides, accommodation, bookshops, blogs and even a book that will hopefully soon be downloadable in .pdf.

Not Hemingway’s Spain is written by an American expat who has a Spanish spouse. His comment on the blog is “There exists a Spain that Hemingway never visited, and in many ways it is actually better than the one he did see.” Living in Valencia, he writes detailed, poetic posts about his experiences of living in Spain, and it’s really worth a read!