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Snow Way

Famous for its sun scorched scenery, desert like terrain and year round warm temperatures, visitors to Arizona got a shock recently when it started to snow.

Snow Hit Arizona

Early summer usually sees temperatures of around 30°C in the popular tourist spot; however the American National Weather Service claimed that a storm system brought a scattering of snow and hail storms to the south western state. “Some snow is not unheard of in May”, explained meteorologist Chris Outler, however he did admit to it being a little bit out of character. The snow also broke a century old record with the 1.6 inches that fell on the desert landscape.

Tourists who were expecting hot summer temperatures for this time of year were caught unprepared and were forced to layer their summer clothes with one even using leggings as a scarf in a bid to beat off the cold.

Forecasters have told visitors not to worry though as temperatures are expected to return to a balmy 31°C very soon.