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Smoking Fee At Belfast International

Belfast International Airport has introduced a charge for passengers who wish to smoke after passing through security.

New Smoking Area At Belfast International Airport

The designated smoking areas at the front of the terminal building are still free of charge, but anyone wanting a last minute smoke before take off will have to pay for the privilege.

The £1 fee will go towards recouping the cost of the smoking area and has already been in operation for over two weeks.

An airport spokesperson stated “We recognised that there was a demand for a smoking facility from some customers given that all public places (including airports) are now, and have been for a number of years, non-smoking. We are responding to that demand, however providing a specialist facility for a relatively small number of users is expensive to build and to maintain, so it is not unreasonable that a small charge should be levied for the use of the facility.”

For those who do not wish to pay the fee, they can still use the free areas to the front of the terminal building.