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Smart Travel Gadgets Just For Kids

We all know what it’s like when you’re planning a trip with a baby or toddler in tow. The amount of planning and equipment needed is unbelievable, so imagine what it’s like when you decide to go on holiday. Let us guess, anything that makes the trip less stressful will be well received by any parent.
That’s why Holiday Hypermarket has saved you the leg work and done all the research for you to ensure a hassle-free travel experience. Now, take a look at our must-have gadgets for mini travellers.

Buggy Organiser

This gadget is handy at home, but even more valuable when on holiday as you can put everything in one place. You can place items in here including your changing bag, snacks, and most importantly sun cream. And it’s amazing how much stuff they can actually fit in.

Kids Headphones and Earsplitters

These kids’ headphones are even more comfortable than adult-sized headphones and the best part is, they won’t keep slipping off. Some brands are noise limited to protect little ears which means they’re ideal for use with tablets, DVD players and gaming devices. We recommend earsplitters when travelling with more than one child as they may want to listen to the same thing.

 Snack and Play Travel Tray

This will fit in most car seats, pushchairs and booster seats which will make life so much easier when on the go as little ones will be able to enjoy their snacks or use it for activities such as colouring or playing games.

Shock Proof Protected iPad Case

Let’s face it, if the kids are taking their iPads on holiday the chances are they will be dropped on more than one occasion. So, it is worth investing in a protector case as it is going to be cheaper than replacing or repairing a damaged iPad as these devices aren’t cheap. Plus, you won’t have to put up with any tears and tantrums when your little ones are bored because their iPad is broken.

Kids Digital Camera

Budding David Bailey’s can develop their photography skills at an early age with one of these digital cameras. And it will be a relief from the tiresome pleading to use the camera while they continuously ask “can I take a photo”. It also allows them to view their photos so you can expect them to proudly announce “I took that one”. Holiday Hypermarket recommends the Fisher Price Kid-Tough V2752 Compact Camera which comes in a number of different colours and is extremely easy-to-use. It also has plenty of memory which means kids can snap away without running out of storage. The camera has been specially designed for clumsy hands and wear and tear which is likely if a toddler is using it.

Booster Car Seat and Backpack

The Trunki Boostpak Car Booster seat is brilliant for taking on holiday especially if you plan on hiring a car. It is suitable for children aged 4-12 and complies with current European regulations. The reason we love this product so much is, not only does it double as a car seat and a booster chair, but it also folds up to the size of a rucksack when not in use. Plus, it’s small enough to use as hand luggage.

Kids and Baby Travel Pillow

How many times do you see people who have nodded off on the plane or a bus and you think to yourself “that is going to hurt” when you see the way their neck is twisted. Well, it is even worse for a small child as it is difficult to get them into a comfortable position in such a confined space. So, we suggest you invest in this pillow and your journey will be much more bearable as the pillow is designed for small necks. The Skip Hop Travel Neck Rest comes in 4 different designs and is the best example we have found.

Baby UV Resistant Suntent

A baby pop-up sun shelter tent  folds easily into a suitcase and is essential when it comes to protecting your baby from the sun and mosquitoes. Make sure you buy one that is UV resistant though!

Trunki Ride on Suitcase

These cases come in a range of cute and funky designs and kids can ride on it when the boredom kicks in at the airport. The good news is, the case is classed as hand luggage so you don’t have to check it in. They are also designed to withstand knocks and scrapes, so don’t panic because your content will be safe.

Bottle Insulated Cooler Bag

This item is great for a full day out at the park or beach as you can make up bottles on the go. The JL Childress Maxicool 4 Bottle Insulated Cooler Bag is also leak proof and made with PVC which means it is easy to keep clean. It can fit in three jars, spoons and a couple of bibs as there is a compartment at the top. This means you can make up to 6 bottles, and the bottles will stay cool with its reusable ice pack.

Nowadays, there are lots of smart travel gadgets designed to make family travel so much easier, but which is the best travel gadget you have used?