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Smart holiday packing tips

Going on holiday should be a time to relax, but deciding what to take with you, and how to squeeze it all in your suitcase, is often one of the most stressful aspects, particularly if you are a fashionista. However, with a little know-how, you can pack all that you need and even leave a little room in your luggage for souvenirs! Just follow our top tips for a packing like a pro:

Only take what you need

The key to packing smart is only taking what you need. If you’re only going away on holiday for a week, do you really need 10 pairs of flip-flops?

Okay, maybe we are exaggerating a little, but recent studies show that some women only use a third of all the items they pack. So lay everything you want to take on the floor, or make a list, and get rid of at least a third of your chosen things. Be ruthless. Remember, some items of clothing can be worn more than once, or, if you are really struggling, you can always take advantage of the hotel or local laundry service.

Check your hotel’s amenities before you go

Remember that what you ‘need’ may already be there! Many hotel rooms come with a few essentials as standard, the hairdryer being a perfect example. It is such a pain to pack, and takes up lots of space in your luggage, plus most hotels include a hairdryer in their rooms anyway. Think of all the weight and space you’ll save by not packing it!

The same goes for toiletries. Lots of hotels stock very nice shampoo, soap and conditioner in their rooms as standard, so is there any real need to take your own lotions and potions? If you pack fewer liquids you are likely to get through airport security much quicker, plus the chances of a soapy explosion all over your luggage are greatly reduced.

So, have a look at the accommodation facilities before you go to check if they have it before you pack it.

Roll your way to success

Almost every article on the subject will advise you to roll your clothes when packing instead of going for the standard fold – and there is a good reason for that. Rolled clothes can easily be fitted into little nooks and crannies around shoes and other awkwardly shaped gear. Not only that, rolling your clothes also minimises creasing, so you can rock up at your destination looking your best.

However, if you want to take your packing to the next level, then check out this video on military packing. This style ensures that your clothes take up minimal space, and they are less likely to unroll mid-flight!

Strategically arrange your suitcase

Now that you have your clothes-rolling skills nailed down, don’t ruin all your good work by just popping each item in as you roll it. Instead, lay each rolled piece off to the side and mindfully arrange your suitcase as you pack everything in. Air hostess Heather Poole talks through a great packing strategy in the NY Times: start with putting shoes in, then follow with heavy items like jeans and jumpers. Follow with lighter pieces of clothing, and finish by putting your toiletries (minus the hotel essentials!) on top.

By packing less and folding right, you will save a lot of space and weight in your suitcase, making sure you avoid excess baggage fees and leave plenty of room for holiday mementos!