Skiing for Beginners

Skiing for Beginners

So, you’re thinking about hitting the slopes. If you’re a total newbie to the skiing scene it can be hard to know where to start – after all, it’s quite different to your usual beach holiday! Not to worry, we have everything you need to know so you have a fantastic first ski holiday right here. 

Book a chalet

You can certainly bag yourself a super cheap skiing deal when you book a self catering apartment. However if it’s your first ever ski holiday, we recommend booking yourself into a catered ski chalet or chalet hotel. They’ll be a little more expensive, but worth it for a first-time trip. 

A ski resort can be a little baffling if you’ve never been to one before, and staying at one of these types of accommodation gives you the most support to get to grips with everything. Services will include guiding you to the ski hire centre and directions around the slopes, as well as having your meals all taken care of. 

Borrow – don’t buy!

It’s nice to have all shiny new ski gear, but if you’re buying everything from scratch then you’ll soon see the cost of everything will quickly add up. To keep costs down – and more importantly, save your spends on actual experiences once on holiday – ask around and lend as much as you can. 

Hats, goggles, ski helmet, whatever you can get your hands on. It’s unlikely, but what a waste splashing out on all new gear and accessories would be if you later discover skiing isn’t for you. Save that money or spend it on extra ski lessons when you’re there!

Back to school

This one’s important – book yourself into a ski school! Learning to ski isn’t something you want to take up yourself – it’s important you know how to ski safely. Skiing is so much fun, but it is something that takes time to build up confidence in! 

There’s plenty of options – opt for a five or six day course of group lessons, where you’ll pick up all the skills you need along with other newbies. Or if you’d prefer to learn one-on-one, you can book private ski lessons, although they are a little pricier. Don’t simply give it

Up your fitness

Unless you’re planning on sitting in a bar and watching your fellow skiers, you might want to get a little more physical in prep for your first ski holiday, so that you can fully make the most of it. 

You’ll be surprised at how much walking around the ski resort you do, as well as how much the actual skiing itself targets your core muscles, strength and balance!

Getting some extra steps in before you go away could be a great start in upping your fitness slightly, or you could even book yourself onto some local classes that promote strength and stability, like yoga and pilates. You’ll certainly feel the benefit once you’re there!

Do your research

There’s a lot of planning and effort required to eventually get to that point on the slopes!  From how to put your ski boots on to reading a piste map, how to use a lift pass and even just how to carry your skis! 

There’s so many little tips and new skills coming your way on a ski holiday, so try to look into everything beforehand. Just making sure you can successfully get in and out of your skis is a good start! 

Choose your resort wisely

There’s so many amazing ski resorts to choose from. If you’re a beginner, you’ll want to find a resort that offers plenty for those new to the world of snow. Plenty of resorts have dedicated beginner ski areas, and you want to check out how many green runs there are, which is where you’ll start your journey into skiing. 

Of course there are other factors to consider too, like when the best time to go skiing is for you and whether you want to ski in peak season or at a quieter time. Will you want to really focus on the skiing itself or are you likely to be more about the apres-ski? Make sure you decide what kind of ski experience you want before deciding your resort. 

But most of all – enjoy it!

There can be lots to sort in preparation for your first ski holiday, but regardless of how perfectly planned and packed you are, the main thing is to simply enjoy yourself!

Try not to stress about the details – once you’re on the slopes, surrounded by stunning natural beauty, and having the time of your life with your loved ones, all the fiddly diddly details will melt into existence. You’ll learn the things you love and the things you’d change for next time – and before you know it you’ll have that second trip booked!

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