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Harlem Shakes on a Plane [Poll]

Are you sick of the Harlem Shake yet? This silly dance that’s sweeping the world has landed plenty of people in trouble, from Australian miners fired for creating a safety hazard to Egyptian protestors who were arrested for doing the Harlem Shake in front of the president.

The latest scandal, however, comes from an Ultimate Frisbee team from Colorado, USA who did the Harlem Shake on an aeroplane en route to a game. The video has gone viral but the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) is now investigating whether it was a safety hazard, and whether the pilot was aware.

The team says flight attendants knew of the plan and helped set it in motion, warning passengers over the tannoy and inviting them to participate. However, aeroplane expert Glen Winn told the Daily Mail: “You have a weight and balance issue because that many people moving around in an aircraft, you could have the plane potentially losing control and its very, very dangerous”.

If the Harlem Shake broke out on your plane, how would you feel? Have you been in a Harlem Shake video yourself?

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*Thanks to the Daily Mail for the top-class pun.

**Cover photo by Marie L