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Holidaymakers Say Goodbye to European Roaming Charges

Hooray! The day we have all been waiting for has arrived. Go crazy uploading your holiday snaps because from the 15th June 2017 those pesky European roaming charges have officially ended with the all major phone companies.

European countries with free data roaming

Hover over your next holiday destination to see if you can use your contract as normal.

No extra costs

Regulations state that as long as you have a UK mobile phone contract you can use your phone ‘as if you were at home’. This means you can take your normal contract, with all its free calls, texts and data to the majority of European countries for no extra cost. Say goodbye to the stressful times when you had to search for Wi-Fi or cutting down the characters on your text message to save you being charged twice.

Data roaming charges can be very pricey and in this social media obsessed age, it’s safe to say we rely heavily on the hotel Wi-Fi when abroad. It’s time to say goodbye to failed Snapchat uploads and that dreaded bill shock. If you’re one of those lucky folk, big phone companies like O2, Tesco Mobile and Three will have sent you a text message already informing you of this great news.

The catch

It’s only free if you stick to the terms of your contract. So, if you were to call a Spanish number while you’re sunning yourself in Costa del Sol, it will cost you the same as doing it from Britain, meaning you could rack up charges. The same goes if you go over on your contracted minutes.

Where’s covered?

Enjoy checking yourself into iconic landmarks on Facebook across all European Union countries like Spain, Italy and Bulgaria, as well as the European Economic Countries of Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Many networks include Monaco, Switzerland and Vatican City in their European Zone roaming plans, even though they are not officially part of the EU. We recommend checking with your network before you go use 4G to upload pictures of the pope at St. Peter’s Basilica on Instagram or making that pricey phone call home.

Making the most of it

UK mobile customers need to take full advantage of it while they can because it is yet to be confirmed if the UK will still be granted the same perks following Brexit. What better excuse do you need to head on a European adventure?

Don’t waste another minute and jet off to your favourite European hotspots for endless uploading and downloading – sharing your travel experience has never been easier.