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Savouring a Tagine in Fez

Yes, you read the title correctly. It wasn’t a typo and we didn’t mean savour a delicious tagine in a Fez (although what you do when you visit the beautiful country of Morocco is entirely up to you!)

Fez (or Fes) has become one of the hottest destinations in North Africa and is up there with Marrakesh and Rabat and for the adventurous amongst you there’s always a chance to really push out the proverbial boat when it comes to cuisine and try some of the delicacies that this beautiful city and country has to offer.

One such culinary treasure that is definitely worth trying is tagine (also spelled tajine); a heady blend of fish or meat with vegetables or fruit, sometimes even blending everything together to produce a dish that not only looks colourful and exotic but will send your taste buds into sensory overload. Even fussy eaters will find one they love.

Tagine takes its name from the conical earthenware pot in which it is cooked, with a little chimney-like point at the top. The shape allows for the condensation from the dish to return to the bottom, keeping it moist and helping the cooking process along. This is especially useful in Morocco, where water is not always in plentiful supply and so recycling as much of it as possible is vital.

When visiting Fez, why not find a nice cosy little restaurant in which to eat such as Dar Tajine (go on have a guess what their speciality dish is?). Dar Tajine is situated in the Fez medina – the old walled inner city and a vibrant and exciting environment, home to the world’s oldest university and some truly stunning and panoramic views from the surrounding hilltops. With a sprawling landscape of beautiful white buildings and ancient structures protected by UNESCO, Fez’s medina is the ideal setting to try your first authentically Moroccan tagine.

The interesting thing about tagine is that when it comes to ingredients, there isn’t much to limit your imagination. Whatever you can think of can be blended together with a heady mix of herbs and spices to produce a rich and comforting stew.

Chicken, lamb, olives, carrots, prunes, plum, eggs… you may even find dried rosebuds in there to add to the flavour and textures of the dish. It’s real fun when the earthenware pot is brought to your seated area and the lid removed, releasing wonderful aromas that suddenly pour out and encompass the surrounding area; sure to make even the most sophisticated culinary palate salivate.

With beautiful scenery, architecture, a labyrinth of streets hiding all sorts of goodies, and a heritage that has to be seen to be believed; there has never been a better time to visit Fez, where the food stands the taste of time! (See what we did there?)