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How To Save Money Before You Travel

For many of us a summer holiday is the highlight of our year. We place travel high on our priority lists each year, as we want to get away from life’s routines and create precious memories.

If you’re price conscious why not plan and buy your essentials before you travel? Buying items in some holiday resorts can be expensive and even amount to the same price as a 3 course meal! Unfortunately most people don’t have money trees growing in their back gardens – If you do please let us know where we can get one! So with you in mind we have created this guide that will help you save the pounds for your next trip to Spain.

Suntan lotion

We usually feel the need to go out and buy new suntan lotion once we have booked our holiday, but why? If you already have suntan lotion in the cupboard from last year’s holiday then it’s perfectly safe to recycle and use again, as they have an expiry date that lasts two years. Wanting to buy a new bottle? Then head to your local supermarkets and pound shops, just don’t buy these in resort as you will pay well over the odds for them.

Travel accessories

If you pick up adaptor plugs, eye masks and travel cushions at the airport you risk paying the inflated airport prices, so plan ahead and you could save a fortune. If you are buying travel adaptors so that you can charge your gadgets abroad, make sure you buy the right one. You can check which one you’ll need before you buy at the Travel Adaptor website.

Money exchange

You’re a captive customer at an airport, so you’ll probably be lumbered with the worst exchange rate. If you must get money from the airport, order ahead then pick it up to get a better rate. Even better would be to change your money before you arrive at the airport. Remember to shop around for the best rate and don’t forget to ask for discount when ordering large amounts.


Everyone loves a good inflatable around the pool but buying them abroad can result in you getting ripped off. So what’s the solution? Easy- purchase these inflatables before you go. There are loads of shops out there that sell them for under £10. Just make sure you have enough luggage weight for these, as they can be quite heavy.

Car Hire

If you want car hire, book it before you go. The earlier you book it the more you will usually save. It’s always a good idea to check cash back sites just in case you can save extra cash. A quick tip for you is to work out what you need as there are usually costly add-ons.

See the price comparison table below and buy before you go to save you £££s

[column col=”1/3″]Item[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]Europe[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]UK[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]Suntan Lotion[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]€11[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]£1.50[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]Travel Accessories[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]€7[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]£1.00[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]Money Exchange[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]€1.214[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]£1.234[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]Inflatables[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]€12[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]£3.00[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]Car Hire[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]€190.01[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]£116.98[/column]