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Rules to be Relaxed to Allow the Use of Mobile Phones on Flights

Do you get fed up of social media updates from friends and family when they are jetting off on their cheap holidays? Something like, “En route to the airport”, “Just checking in”, “First pint of the day”, “Getting ready to board the plane” “Arrived in Spain” Do you feel a sense of relief once they’ve finally boarded the aircraft and the updates stop? Not that were jealous or anything, but there’s nothing worse than sitting at home whilst loved ones are off on their way to warmer climates.

How would you feel if your news feed was bombarded with mid-air selfies from 32,000ft? Well that could soon be the reality after the European Aviation Safety Agency in Germany announced rules to be relaxed to allow the use of mobile phones on flights

When Will This Happen?

There has been no date officially set although experts argue it could take up to 3 years. Each individual airline will decide whether or not to implement this service.

Each airline will be asked to carry out their own safety checks to make sure that aircraft systems aren’t affected during the flight.

Does This Affect Me?

Although some European airlines are starting to test this service, it may be a while before it is introduced on all airlines.

In fact, some airlines already provide Wi-Fi and allow you to text and make calls during your flight.

Does this sound good? But Remember…

  1. There’s no escaping the miss sold PPI claims or the annoying person trying to tell you to claim for an accident you never had.
  2. An average Boeing 737 holds 189 passengers, so this could mean an awful lot of annoying ringtones.
  3. Imagine all those noisy internet games all of a sudden becoming readily available.
  4. The other half is jetting off on a stag/hen party and all you can hear is the over-the-phone- argument about why they shouldn’t be going.
  5. Drunken calls to the loved one left behind. Well, that’s until they reach the resort and become a single mingleton!
  6. The endless calls to say I’ve taken off and landed.
  7. The person sat in front who loves the sound of their own voice.
  8. The show-off, who claims to have been everywhere on the map.


Question Time

If you could use your phone mid-flight would you?