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A Roundup of Holiday Hypermarket 2015 News

2015 brought us a whole heap of stories from around the globe. So as we say goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016, here’s a roundup of travel related news we featured last year.


UK chancellor George Osborne announced that APD – Air Passenger Duty, was to be scrapped for children, great news for families travelling abroad.

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Travelling to India became a whole lot easier in 2015. A new e-visa was introduced in the UK, this removed the need to apply in person or by post for your visa.

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A poll revealed that one in three of us plan to keep fit and tone up on whilst on our holiday – shocking, we know!

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The DVLA scrapped the paper counterfeit part to your driving license so we found out exactly how this would affect UK drivers hiring a car abroad.

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A survey revealed that Wi-Fi is the most desired travel amenity, do you still agree?

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Costa Brava introduced a new tourist tax to help finance the Tourism Development Fund.

Find out what this could mean for you.


Holidaymakers travelling inside of Europe are to say goodbye to costly phone bills after EU officials decided that roaming charges will to be abolished.

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Did Uzbekistan Airline go too far by introducing weigh before you fly in August?

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An industry report revealed that Spain  became the last-minute favourite destination for British holidaymakers.

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As Tim Peake prepared to blast off into space, it got us wondering, will we ever be able to go on holiday and do a real moon walk?

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We can now beat the queues as the US extended its Global Entry scheme to low-risk UK travellers.

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We were delighted to find out 2016 will bring some fantastic new attractions… The little ones will love the new Frozen ride, while older children will enjoy taking to the skies in the newly upgraded Soarin’.

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