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Getting back to romance: Valentine’s Day for the lovelorn

Valentine’s Day can often seem like a concept made up by companies to sell products, whether it’s a heart-shaped pizza or face-shaped chocolates. While there’s nothing wrong with buying hearts and flowers to give to a loved one, every year the PR stunts seem to get stranger, stranger and stranger.

So, in honour of the sentiment behind Valentine’s Day, i.e. showing your love and appreciation for someone special, we’ve selected a few feel-good videos that don’t entreat you to buy anything at all! Happy Valentine’s Day 🙂


A short black-and-white animated film directed by John Kahrs and produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios. It tells the story of the chance meeting of two young travellers on a train, a paper airplane and a lipstick kiss. One for the romantics! Nominated for Best Animated Short Film at the 85th Academy Awards.

Marry you: live proposal

The world’s first “lip-dub” proposal, this beautifully choreographed film includes the song Marry You by Bruno Mars and took the help of 60 people to create. Isaac Lamb, an actor from Portland, created the video for his girlfriend (now fiancée), Amy Frankel.

PostSecret: A Valentine Video

PostSecret is a community art project started by Frank Warren. People from all over the world mail their secrets anonymously to him on bought and homemade postcards, and Frank posts them on his website, makes videos, books and presentations. These secrets have had an incredible effect on people, resulting in an outpouring of support, advice and sympathy. This is a compilation of Valentine’s secrets released a few years ago.