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Revealing the Best of Greece

Today we welcome Eleni from Reveal Greece, an independent blog that celebrates all things Greek. Starting back in 2010, it is her mission to reveal the true side of Greece – its beauty, history, culture and architecture which holidaymakers are encouraged to come to explore and experience. All content is written by Eleni and her friends, in order to inspire people to visit the beautiful islands.

Corfu Island - Reveal Greece

Images by Rik Freeman

Hi Eleni, thank you for taking the time to speak with us today! Can you explain a little bit about yourself and how the Reveal Greece blog came about?

Reveal Greece is just one of the ways we have chosen to express our love for our country and its beauties. It is the result of joined efforts of a team of people that love Greece deeply and want to show our country to the world. One of our main objectives has always been to present to the world parts of Greece that are still unknown, while at all times we have been, and still are, introducing to our audience the “things” a Greek or local would do.

In light of the current crisis in Greece, what is your opinion on the situation?

Things are not easy for the locals in Greece. Our country is in a very difficult situation politically. Reforms must take place. We all want them. Greece needs to change for the better. We have to improve and modernise everything. And I just hope that all this will happen sooner than later.

What is it like living there at the moment?

Living here is definitely not like how it is presented in the news around the world. It is a fact that Greeks are facing issues with money withdrawals from the banks; for the elderly this is especially difficult. But in the last few days that seems to be improving. Other than that life is as it has always been. Our supermarkets have all foods. Our pharmacies are well stocked. There is no shortage in fuels for cars and other motor vehicles etc.

Corfu Island - Angelokastro

What is your advice for people who are planning on visiting Greece in the near future? Should people still be encouraged to visit Greece?

Of course I would! I am encouraging everyone to visit my country. Even though I understand the fears or second thoughts everyone has with what he/she is reading/hearing around, I would like to say that nothing has changed in Greece. People are the same and just as hospitable. And all the problems that they see or read about are mainly happening in Athens. The islands and other parts of the mainland are not affected.

Corfu Island - Reveal Greece

What makes Greece so special to you?

Other than being my homeland? Well … the history, the culture, the ancient monuments found in modern cities, the light that is special anywhere you go. Both the islands and the mainland are special, along with the weather, the greenery, the scenery, the food and above all, the Greek hospitality.

Sounds lovely – we are most definitely sold! What are your top places to go or things to do in Greece?

I am an off the beaten track type of traveller, therefore I would go to places a little bit out of the way, such as the region of Epirus. If I want to enjoy the sea and the sun I would go towards the coast of Parga and Preveza and if I would like to enjoy mountains, rivers and gorges I would go to Zagorochoria. As for islands, well if I were to choose then I would go for Corfu, Paxos and Kythera.

For anyone visiting Athens I would strongly suggest to make the time and visit the ancient sight of Eleusis in Elefsina, as it is called nowadays, i.e. the Acropolis and Parthenon. It is certainly worth it!