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Do You Remember These Retired Florida Attractions?

Who doesn’t love a good throwback? As much as Disney World retains its magic and Universal Studios brings your favourite movies to life, some of your childhood rides have sadly retired.

The good old days were a blast, you could head on adventures with Doc and Marty from Back to the Future and that scary Alien Encounter attraction would have you quivering in your boots.

It’s time to bring those magical memories back to life as we take you on a journey through Florida’s most-missed attractions.

Twister…Ride it Out – Universal Studios

Based on the 1996 film Twister, this was one of Universal’s most famous special effect attractions. Bringing the hit movie to life, the ride was broke into four parts. Walking through the town of Wakita, screens would play footage of tornados.

Once everyone had entered, exclusive behind the scenes interviews were played by actors Helen Hunt and Bill Paxton discussing their experience filming Twister. Guests would then walk through a kitchen and living room, where a car had crashed into Aunt Meg’s home.

Then it was time for the big finale, which saw dark clouds loom and lighting strike outside the gas station and the hamburger shop. After that, a tornado was formed which saw cows and a giant truck flying past, while gas pumps exploded into flames and the roof above collapsed – the experience almost feels too real.

Jaws – Universal Studios

The ride that would have you jumping out of your seat, Jaws sadly retired back in 2011. There’s no denying it, this attraction was a huge hit and was responsible for many guest terrors.

Taking a boat ride along the dangerous waters, it was only a matter of time before the giant fin sliced through waves ready to attack. Huddling together with your fellow riders, you’d be on the edge of your seat waiting for him to reappear.

Unfortunately, the iconic beast had to make room for the impressive Wizarding World of Harry Potter in 2012 – gone but certainly never forgotten!

Flight to the Moon – Disney World

Now known as the Mission to Mars attraction in Tomorrowland, Flight to the Moon was a part of Disney from 1971 to 1975. Guests would enter a pre-show room known as mission control and would board their flight with the director of operations, Mr. Tom Morrow.

The countdown would begin ready for the launch, before your vehicle flew into space. Then, the room would shake with audible force and the seats would mimic a shift in gravity as the earth’s atmosphere changed. Riders would feel every moment of a meteor shower, before the descend back down to earth began.

Luckily for all Disney guests, Mission to Mars still features similar aspects of the Flight to the Moon ride for those who are huge fan of the old attraction.

Back to the Future – Universal Studios

Who remembers when Doc and Marty took you on an adventure through time? This ride was one of the finest motion simulators built in Universal Studios.

You would jump in a new eight seater DeLorean as Biff stole the original time travelling vehicle and locked Doc away in the lab. Riders had to be his eyes and ears as he tried to pilot the car from the lab.

Accelerating up to 88 miles per hour, you would follow Biff into the Hill Valley of the future which was based in 2015. The chase continued into the ice age and the primeval world, where Biff gets into a bit of bother with a T-Rex.

The last trip onboard the DeLorean was back in 2007, before it was replaced with The Simpsons attraction. However, you can still get your photo took with the DeLorean and Dr Brown’s time travelling train next to Springfield.

Kongfrontation – Universal Studios

As a main attraction in Universal’s New York section, guests would board an open-air tram vehicle on a mission to Roosevelt Island during Kong’s attack. During your journey, you’d encounter the beast himself furiously trying to grab your tram, whilst being fired at by the helicopters above.

In the midst of all the Manhattan action, it was one of Universal’s most famous attractions. Making room for the Revenge of the Mummy, this ride retired back in 2002.

ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter – Disney World

After providing almost 10 years of thrills to the Magic Kingdom, it’s rumoured this alien-themed ride closed because it was too scary. Plunging into darkness, you were transported to a new planet. Locked into your seats, an alien breaks free on a mission to terrorize you.

A feeling of helplessness loomed over you as an out of space creature breathed on the back of your neck and drips of drool ran down your back. Your seats would shake furiously, and with no escape, it was a sci-fi attraction like no other.

Gone but never forgotten, it’s time to check out what new adventures await at Florida’s famous parks with our sensational holiday packages.