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Reasons Why You Should Choose Mauritius Plus £100 Voucher

Why Mauritius?

Peace and tranquility is the name of the game on the beautiful island of paradise known as Mauritius. Sit back, put your feet up and read why Mauritius should be your next holiday destination.

The Beaches

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Mauritius holidays is the beaches. Beautiful white sands , so soft that putting your feet into it can only be compared to putting your feet into Be-Ro flour. There are over 160 kilometres of beaches here so it shouldn’t be too hard to find a secluded spot. There are lots of lagoons which are protected from the sea by the world’s third largest coral reef. The sea is turquoise in colour , clear and warm if you fancy a dip.


The artificial reefs are there because the Mauritius Marine Conservation Society sunk ten ships around the coastline over 30 years ago. They have attracted lots of marine life, which make diving here great for professionals and amateurs alike. Top Tip – Diving is most popular on the west coast. The currents are strong around the south and east coast.

The Mauritian People

Many Mauritians are multi-lingual and can speak English. Life in Mauritius is generally relaxed and slow paced and the people are friendly.


Mauritius is very popular with couples and it is easy to see why. Luxury accommodations and complete relaxation are very attractive to those wanting to add a bit of romance. Dreams and memories are made from romantic meals, walks along the beach, and watching the beautiful sunsets.


Tell the kids that Mauritius is next door to Madagascar famous for the Madagascar movies, and I am sure that will bring a smile to their faces. Many hotels do offer superb facilities for children and have their own kids clubs. Blumarine Attitude is very popular due to the kids clubs that they offer, along with all the sports facilities.

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In a nutshell Mauritius has everything  beautiful beaches, diving and people that are always smiling. Whether you are part of a couple, travelling alone or as a family you will find something for you.