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Rain, Rain, Go Away: Best Sunshine Getaways

As the rain tips down outside, it’s beginning to feel like we should have bought flippers and a snorkel this year instead of summer sandals. That got us thinking – where is the best holiday weather in the world? This is a controversial question particularly as how hot is too hot? Humid or dry? Breezy or still? We set out to find the answer, be it Benidorm, Bodrum or Blackpool.

Benidorm sunny beach weather

Year-round sunshine: Benidorm, Spain

Benidorm, a famous beach resort on Spain’s Mediterranean Costa Blanca, is sheltered from the rain and clouds by local mountains – this means a reliably dry and sunny climate with average high temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees and 3,400 sunshine hours a year. Even the water is warm, from a balmy 25 degrees in the summer down to a comfortable 15 degrees in the winter. This summer’s forecast confirms that sunny Benidorm is a reliable bet to beat the British rain.

Barbados turquoise Caribbean water

Tropical paradise: Barbados

Barbados enjoys the best climate the Caribbean has to offer – a warm, dry season and a warm, wet season – and it’s out of the path of most hurricanes, so you don’t have to worry about the weather spoiling your holiday. Temperatures in Barbados are remarkably warm and stable, with daily highs ranging between 28 and 32 degrees year-round and water nearly as warm as a jacuzzi. Barbados All Inclusive hotels are the perfect winter destination when temperatures are high and there is very little rain.

Montreux, Swiss Lake Geneva

Perfect seasons: Switzerland

For those who like a little variation, the weather in Switzerland offers the best of all seasons: warm, sunny summers with temperatures around 25 degrees, beautiful autumnal forests, the best winter skiing in the world, and roaring waterfalls and wildflowers in spring. Feel free to have your say in the comments – if you think San Diego is a better bet than Spain, or if you love Britain’s mild but muddy weather, let us (and your fellow travellers) know your tips!