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Race Day in Valencia!

Football is not the only reason all eyes are on Spain this weekend; Formula 1 is another major June event! Hosted at Valencia’s Street Circuit, the track runs through the city’s marina and over a 460-foot swing bridge.

Although many parts of the region of Valencia are lively during the summer months,  including Benidorm where you can party all night, GP fans choose to stay at the Port of Valencia, where there’s a good view of the racetrack, which is 3.37 miles long with 25 corners, 11right turns and 14 left turns.

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There hasn’t been much continuity to the season so far with seven different winners over seven races. Some people may pin their hopes on Felipe Massa who was the winner of the inaugural race in Valencia in 2008, but he hasn’t yet made a comeback worthy of his former glory.

Our money’s on Lewis Hamilton who came back in Montreal last week to get that coveted top spot on the podium, and he now leads the World Championship with Fernando Alonso and the former World Champion Sebastian Vettel close behind.

There are rumours that the Formula 1 will visit Barcelona instead next year because it costs an estimated €12 million for the weekend on top of the fees paid to Bernie Ecclestone for the race. So, for perhaps the last time, the European Grand Prix starts in Valencia at 13:00 BST on Saturday, with the race at the same time on Sunday as well.

Live coverage will be available in the UK on Sky Sports F1 HD, BBC One (HD) and BBC Radio 5 Live. We’ll see you there!