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Quiz – What Beach Party Destination Are You?

Ever wondered which beach party destination you are? Or what our beach party destinations say about your personality? Well find out now with our beach party destination quiz!

So what did you get? Find out more about your beach party destination below.

Bossa Beach

Ibiza, Spain

You’re raring to go! Your friends see you as the full on party animal of the group, with the best tips on the hottest DJs. Just like Ibiza’s Bossa Beach, you’re the heart and soul of any great night out. You’re always surrounding yourself with hundreds of people you love, and to top it all off, you’ve got the best dance moves out of all of them.

Cherrybay, Laganas

Zante, Greece

Total legend with a stomach of steel. You’re always three drinks ahead of your mates, and still feel breezy. You’d feel right at home at Cherrybay, the busiest party location in Greece, full of young people looking sexy in their Ray-Bans and shorts. You know the drill, sun’s out, guns out, lads and lasses!

Hole in the Wall ‘Buza’ bar

Dubrovnik, Croatia

You love people, you love nature, you love life. You’re happy to kick back with your fellow human beings, just taking it easy and listening to chill out tunes to usher in the summer vibes. Just like Hole in the Wall, you’re a unique and unexpected addition to the party, and you keep only those of like-mind around you – peace and love.


Capri, Italy

You’re all about exclusive experiences, luxury and extravagance. You’re a fan of the finer things in life, and you’ll fit right in at the most private beach party in Italy, Fortelina. This is for all the high rollers, showing of their perfect tans in their designer swimwear. Professionally mixed cocktails and a rich atmosphere, that’s what it’s all about.

Now you know which beach party destination you are have a look at our latest offers to find yourself the perfect party getaway!