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Quiz – What kind of cocktail are you?

Ever wondered what the perfect drink for you is? Or what that perfect drink says about your personality? Well ponder no longer with our cocktail quiz. And, as we’re super helpful, we’ve even supplied the recipe to creating the ice-cold slice of paradise at home.

Now you know exactly what the cocktail equivalent to you is, find out what it says about you. Who knew a drink could tell so much!

Long Island Iced Tea

For you, a good night out is spent dancing the night away at all the hottest bars and clubs on the strip. Friends are most likely to find you busting some serious shapes by the DJ booth, or tucking into some post-party chips in the hotel lobby. A party animal like you should holiday in Ibiza!

Mojito Royale

Holidays are all about taking it slow and indulging in a little luxury, which is why you’ll be found in a trendy boutique or hunting down the best foodie spots to grab a bite. Where should you holiday next? Cancun, you’ll adore the All Inclusive cocktail menus!

Bloody Mary

One thing’s for sure, nobody is ever bored when you’re around! You make sure that whatever you do on holiday, everyone is happy and living life to the full. And don’t get us wrong, you’re sure to maximise your own enjoyment too! You’re best suited to the Canary Islands, with all that variety you’ll never run out of things to do.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Experiencing the destination like a local is important to you, from getting a taste of authentic cuisine to learning some of the local lingo. You aren’t afraid of the heat, and like to seek out new and exciting experiences as often as possible. Thailand is calling your name!