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QUIZ Which Gran Canarian Tipple are You?

QUIZ Which Gran Canarian Tipple are You?

Gran Canaria‘s tourist industry dates back to the 19th century, making it a truly vintage holiday destination. Today there are many different ways to enjoy it, starting with that first drink once you arrive at your hotel.

We’re not saying that you can tell everything about a person from their drink choice, but it’s definitely a start. Plus, with the rich story behind each of these tasty Gran Canaria tipples, you might just learn a thing or two about yourself.

So which tipple do you have most in common with? Have a look below to find out what your tipple says about you.

1. Ron Miel

The most popular drink of choice among visitors to Gran Canaria, thousands of bottles of this sweet rum find their way into tourist’s suitcases every year. However, despite its international fame, Ron Miel is rarely ordered by natives. In fact, Ron Miel is most often enjoyed by Gran Canarians when they’re feeling a little under the weather, to soothe a sore throat or chase away a cold.

If you’re the famed Ron Miel, then you’re a well-travelled popularity prince or princess. You’re known even by distant friends as great company, reliable and good for a laugh. Everyone wants a piece of you. For those you’re closest to, you’re great to have around if there’s a problem, offering a hand or a shoulder to cry on.

2. Wine


Gran Canaria’s wine scene is a well-respected one, dating way back in the 16th century. Very recently the vineyards reduced their exports, leaving just a few artisan producers who were cultivating some truly amazing varietals. Today the scene is booming once again, proving that all that hard work from the few who stuck at it paid off, and now people travel around the island trying glass after glass of great tasting wine.

If you’re wine, then you’re somebody who is never afraid to the put the effort in that is required to be the best you can be. It may mean that sometimes your attention is fixed on your studies or work, but woah does the wait pay off. The end result of all your attention is truly fantastic, and has people talking about it for years to come. You apply this same attitude to all areas of your life, making sure you cultivate only the best relationships you can.

3. Tropical

Gran Canaria’s famous little lager, Tropical, was originally sold in bottellim – tiny unlabelled glass bottles which meant you would always finish your beer before it warmed up or went flat. Today, they are often sold in regular sized bottles or on tap, and have only one real competitor, Dorada from Tenerife – but all the locals prefer Tropical.

You’re cool, calm and collected, looking for day after day of lounging around in the sunshine with good company and good conversation. You can keep going for hours, never letting the vibe die. Sure others may be able to offer more excitement, or fit more into their day, but that’s neither here nor there. They can do them, and you will do you.

4. Banana Liqueur


This liqueur is the local novelty. Found in retro bottles shaped like bunches of bananas, this yellow spirit is strongly flavoured with sweet banana and can be bought from the market traders who sell Gran Canaria memorabilia. This drink is only really brought out when it’s time to get the party started, when people need a little something special to get themselves ready to dance the night away.

You’re a bit of an enigma, unpredictable but always up for a laugh. Some call you the wild card, others the life of the party, either way when you’re around nobody can say what sort of fun or mischief you’ll find. It all starts with dressing up, that perfect balance of fashionable, stylish and quirky, then it’s just a matter of finding the best nights out – which you always do.

Now you know which Gran Canaria tipple most suits you, head to Gran Canaria!





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