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Quiz: Which Caribbean Critter Is Your Spirit Animal?

Orangutan 72393346

  1. It’s Friday night. What are your plans?
    1. I don’t make plans – it’s all about going with the flow, man.
    2. I’ll be at home – I can’t handle busy pubs.
    3. Wherever my best friend goes, I go.
    4. A sophisticated dinner and enlightened conversation
    5. On the lash! Getting drunk and causing mischief
  1. Your friends describe you as…
    1. A laid-back, chilled, contented soul.
    2. I don’t think I have any friends.
    3. A faithful companion, devoted to my besties.
    4. Intelligent, a great communicator, very popular.
    5. A bit of a prankster, who likes a drink.
  1. Pick your favourite landscape:
    1. Gentle waves bobbing as far as the eye can see
    2. The inside of my house will do just fine, thanks
    3. The endless depths of my loved ones eyes.
    4. The spires and turrets of Florence.
    5. Anywhere that’s got rum.
  1. What’s your favourite snack?
    1. A ready meal. The less effort, the better.
    2. I’ll literally eat anything.
    3. A brightly coloured fruit salad.
    4. Sushi
    5. Food? I prefer a liquid diet. Mainly rum.


  1. You’re off to the cinema. Pick a movie:
    1. Surfer, Dude
    2. The Lone Rider
    3. Stand by Me
    4. An Oscar-winning, intellectual, brain-melter
    5. Jackass: The Movie

And your spirit animal is…

Mostly A’s: a sea turtle

Turtle 107619971

Aaaand… relax. With the spirit of the turtle, you’re in no rush to get anywhere fast, and in the Caribbean, there’s no better attitude. You’re a chilled out dude, happy to go with the flow and drift wherever the current takes you. In animal totems, the sea turtle represents a gentle and peaceful soul. Keep on paddling, turtle friends.

Mostly B’s: a hermit crab

Hermit crab 151371971

You can be a shy and sensitive type – and you always protect yourself from danger. New people have to earn your trust before you let them inside that tough shell of yours. You’re happy in your own company and like time to yourself. Your independence is inspiring – but maybe you could try chatting to that nice new crab on the beach?

Mostly C’s: an Amazon parrot

Amazon parrot 131328443

A loyal and devoted friend, you’re a lifelong companion to those closest members of your clan. You love to be physically affectionate, preening and grooming your loved ones, nibbling their ears and combing their hair. Sometimes you can get stroppy if you’re not getting enough attention, but you add colour and charm to life!

Mostly D’s: a dolphin

Dolphin 133313075

You’re highly intelligent, especially when it comes to being social. You often have everyone rapt over dinner with your fascinating tales, and new friends are drawn to your warm spirit. It’s not all serious with you, though – you have a playful spirit and love a good giggle.

Mostly E’s: a vervet monkey

Verver monkey 108825971

Just like your totem, you’ve got a wicked sense of humour and practical jokes are one of your favourite things. Your trickery is good-hearted– but don’t forget that not everyone is as open to drunken shenanigans as you are. Choose the people on the receiving end with care – or you could end up a lonely drunken monkey.