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Quick Step Your Way to Strictly Stunning Destinations

With viewing figures of 10 million, you’re in good company if you’ve been inspired by the current season of the BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve perfected the art of dancing or your skills sit more on the beginners level, there’s a destination inspired by dance just for you. So whether you like to salsa in the sun or waltz across the sand on a perfect moonlit night, you can dance like a Strictly star in one of these fabulous destinations.

Get the Salsa vibe

If you’re passionate about dance and want to include some Latin moves on your holiday then head to Cuba. This vibrant island oozes salsa – this was where the dance originated from – and you’ll be spoilt for choice if you book a class in Havana. Don’t worry, you don’t have to dress up in a canary yellow suit and paint your face green like Ed Balls did!

The rumba also comes from Cuba, so if you’re a big fan of Jay McGuiness and the way he owned the dancefloor during his rumba, you might want to follow his footsteps. Last year’s winner didn’t take the glitter ball for no reason.

Slow slow, quick quick, slow

For glitter, sparkle and loads of bling then Las Vegas must be on your list of dance-friendly destinations. You don’t have to pile on layers of slap and razzle dazzle like Oksana Plateero or Natalie Lowe, unless you really want to.

The shows in any of this desert capital’s world-famous venues really go to town with the glitz and the glamour. You can always take in a dance lesson here or you can simply sit back as a member of the audience and watch in wonder as the feather fans unfurl or the underwater tango takes place.

You are the cloak

When the celebs and the pros practice their paso doble, the key instruction seems to be that the celebrity turns themselves into a cloak. Easier said than done. Many of the moves in the paso doble originate from Spain, one of best places to learn the moves of this dramatic dance is Ibiza.

Holding yourself straight and waving a cape around is probably the easy part, it’s when you try to combine these moves with the rhythmic beat and incorporate the intricate steps, that your dance life can get a little tricky. But if you don’t try you’ll never know – you could be the next Danny Mac after all.

Dancing anywhere

The wonderful thing about dancing is that you can perform anywhere. Imagine performing a passionate tango on a deserted cove in the Canary Islands. And, when you’re faraway practicing your fantastic dancing skills, the judging eyes of Len, Craig, Darcey or Bruno will be miles away.

Have you picked up any new dance moves on your recent travels? Let us know in the comments below.