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The Pros of Winter Travel

Are you sick of crowds who hates paying extortionate peak season prices? Well, listen up because summer isn’t the only time to travel. Yes, you’re guaranteed sunshine and longer daylight hours, but there are plenty of pros to wintertime travel which you may have never considered. Break the pattern of summer holidays this year and reap the benefits of low season travel.

Spacious cabins

In the summer months planes tend to be flying at full capacity, which means that you’re likely to find yourself crammed into an aisle seat with limited leg room. Are you seeking a pleasant plane journey this year? Then we recommend flying in the winter months. Flights rarely reach their full capacity and often have plenty of empty seats which passengers can take full advantage of. Or even better, you may even blag yourself a free upgrade.

Empty seats on aircraft

Worldwide winter cuisine

For many, travel is about trying local dishes, so travelling in winter is bound to open up a whole new world of flavours. If you’re heading to Mexico this winter, forget nachos and fajitas because there are plenty of seasonal foods to sample. Why not dig deep into a bowl of Romeritos with Mole? This simple casserole dish consists of dried shrimp and potatoes, making it the ultimate comfort food. Alternatively, if you’re staying closer to home this winter and flying to Spain, then test your taste buds with the authentic Fabada Asturiana. This bean based stew is extremely popular in the low season and is one of the perks of an all-Spanish winter.


Fewer crowds

Winter travel means one thing, no crowds! And by this we mean no more queuing for hours or being herded like cattle to catch a glimpse of that must-see wonder of the world so you can tick it off your bucket list. During the winter months there’s fewer people travelling, meaning you’ll enjoy a less-crowded experience. Get ready to explore a destination at your own pace and pose next to that famous landmark without hundreds of tourists ruining your holiday snaps. Besides, you won’t have to wake up early to secure a sunbed. With emptier hotels holidaymakers will have plenty of sun loungers to choose from, so take your pick.

Luxury swimming pool

Off-peak prices

The main attraction of travelling off-season is the significant price drop. Holidaymakers often save money by booking fantastic package holidays. With hotels desperately trying to fill those empty rooms you’ll find some unmissable bargains. And who knows, with less people choosing to travel in the winter locals may be more generous with their prices.

Stack of gold coins and pound symbol

Greater availability

During peak season the most in demand hotels tend to fill up months in advance, which can be extremely frustrating when you have your heart set on a swim-up suite in the Sensatori Sharm El Sheikh. To save any disappointment this summer, try booking a last minute holidays in low season and stay in that only-in-your-dreams accommodation for a fraction of the price. Tempting, right?

swim-up room

Escape the chill

Are you a sun-aholic who dreads the winter months because you can’t walk the streets in flip-flops and a vest top anymore? If this is the case, then swap Britain’s dark winter skies for Thailand’s sunlit surroundings. Or, although not as warm as the summer months, Spain, Cyprus and Turkey still see spring-like temperatures. Alternatively, if you fancy something a little hotter where you won’t feel the frostbite we recommend year-round sun destinations like Gran Canaria, The Caribbean or Egypt. This way you can boost your vitamin D levels while catching a wintertime tan.