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Prague to Host Freestyle Motocross Gladiator Games

Next month will see some of the most daring motocross riders pit their skills against each other in the Czech capital.

The growl of motorbikes may not be the first thing you think of when considering cheap holidays in Prague – the tasty cheap beer, stunning fairy-tale architecture and numerous cultural delights of the city are more likely to spring to mind. But this December will see hordes of motocross fans descend on the Czech capital to experience the thrills of the Freestyle Motocross Gladiator Games (FMX Games) at the city’s O2 Arena.

The games promise to be high-octane thrills and spills all the way, with contestants combining the most spectacular adrenaline-fuelled motorcycle stunts – including live somersaults, backflips, double grabs and many more dangerous tricks – with “gladiator-style” tournaments. Riders battle against each other and seek to score points with the most daring jumps and stunts, with routines lasting anywhere between 90 seconds and 14 minutes.

Some 30,000 people are expected to book cheap holidays in Prague in order to enjoy the spectacle on 3 December, which will bring professional motocross riders from around the world.
The first such event took place in 2000 in Prague after being organised by a keen group of FMX riders and enthusiasts, who wanted to combine their favourite freestyle tricks with theatrical interactive entertainment.

A spokesman said: “The Freestylers are more than anything else magicians, who will leave you breath-taken. And what’s more – at the end, you the audience decide who is going to be the king of the arena.”