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The Most Popular Excursions in Mainland Spain Are…

From first-class theme parks, fantastic day trips, and top rated shows there’s so much more beyond Spain’s sun, sea and sand. So, if you don’t want to miss out on any of the fun we have listed the most popular excursions in mainland Spain for you and your family to take full advantage of this summer.

Benidorm & Costa Blanca

Benidorm Palace

You can’t go to Benidorm without going to Benidorm Palace and witnessing what can only be described as an all-singing, all-dancing musical spectacular.

Think fierce flamenco dancers, flamboyant costumes, and courageous acrobats in one of Benidorm’s most unique settings, not a bad way to spend your evening, right? This show has been voted the best in Benidorm, so if you’re looking for first-class entertainment you have come to the right place.


No holiday is complete without a day trip to a waterpark – and as one of the biggest in Europe Aqualandia is worth every penny.

With over 27 rides and 10 children’s areas offering every type of thrill from Big Bang and its high drops to the river rapids fast-flowing waves and the Black Holes darkened chutes, this is the ultimate soak-filled experience. Open from 10am to 7pm you can take full advantage of the parks facilities, and if you need an energy boost after riding every slide in the park there’s plenty of restaurants and snack bars where you can refuel.

Costa Del Sol

Day trip to Gibraltar

Why not cross the border and visit Gibraltar? Home to a host of Barbary macaque monkeys and filled with all things British, this is a truly unique setting. Explore Gibraltar by cable car and make your way to the top of the rock while you take in a contrast of beauty with views of Spain, Africa, and the Mediterranean all rolled into one.

Here you’ll find Saint Michael’s caves, a dramatic venue which often stages concerts and musical performances. Or, if a ride on the cables cars isn’t for you, you can always take advantage of the duty-free shopping spots and familiar high street brands, which include Marks and Spencer, H&M, and BHS.

Alhambra Palace

As a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the 10th century, this marvellous structure is one for those history and architecture lovers. Located in the quaint city of Granada this is a fantastic day out. Not only will you discover the ancient courtyards in Alhambra Palace, but you’ll also get to walk along the peaceful Generalife Gardens as you listen to the sounds of flowing water among orange trees and blooming flowers.

Costa Dorada


You can’t visit Costa Dorada without visiting Spain’s biggest theme park! This family-friendly park has six themed areas so you can explore colonial Mexico from above the trees on Hurakan Condor, the only ride that will leave you dangling 100 metres in the air before finally dropping you towards the ground.

Or, head to China where you’ll be wowed by Chinese acrobats, the Far West to watch real can can shows, and so much more. But if the PortAventura’s loop-the-loops and free-falling rides aren’t for you there’s plenty more fun to be had with the parks family shows, kids’ discos, and fireworks displays.

Bonavista Market

What better way to spend your day than circling Bonavista market? This one-off market makes an appearance every Sunday and is filled with locals spending their hard-earned cash. So, don’t be shocked when everything from stalls selling handbags, ceramics, souvenirs, and clothing suddenly pop up on the streets of Costa Dorada – but make sure you set your alarm clock early as the stalls usually pack up by 1:30am. Most of the Spanish sellers have fixed prices, but if you’re on the hunt for African type leather they are often happy to haggle.

So, it looks like you will never be short of things to do in Spain, all that’s left to do is book!





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