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Passport Exit Checks Introduced

As of the 8th April 2015 exit checks have begun at all UK ports and borders.  All passports are to be checked on every passenger departing Britain either by air, sea or tunnel.

You now have to give your API (Air Passenger Information) before you travel. In most cases this can be completed before you leave home. Check with the transport companies as they may have a link on their websites to fill in this information beforehand, which will save time at departure.

If travelling by air, you will probably not notice anything different due to the fact that airports have collected this data for a number of years.

Checks will be carried out by staff working for the transport companies such as Eurostar.

School coach parties of EEA children under 16 years of age will be exempt from the checks.

The data collected will provide the Home Office with the most detailed information of who is leaving and entering the UK.

If you are wondering about whether you need to allow extra time for the checks then you need to contact the individual transport companies as to what they advise. You should find this information on their websites. However at the time of writing Eurotunnel have advised passengers do not need to change their travel plans as a result of these checks and should turn up as usual for their journey. Whereas MyFerrylink have advised passengers should allow extra time.

We believe that this should not cause too much (if any) disruption to your travel plans and once checks have been made, you will be able to continue your journey.