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Which Party Island are you?

You love to party, but which holiday hotspot is right for you? Do you crave the big lights of San Antonio, or do you prefer beach parties in Malia? Which party island are you? Take our quiz below to find out now.

1. It’s the day before you travel and you have just finished packing but there is still something you need to do. What is it?

A) Get a spray tan. It’s all about looking bronzed in that bikini when you arrive.

B) Pick up your order of custom made t-shirts so you and the group all match.

C) Pre book the best bar crawls and booze cruises that the resort has to offer.

D) Go shopping for Pot Noodles, biscuits and anything else that will stop you dipping into your spending money.

2. You’re at the airport and after you’ve just checked in. Where is the first place you head to?

A) Duty free, shopping for the latest fashion trend.

B) The bar, starting the holiday early with a round of beers.

C) The food court filling up before you get on the plane.

D) Security, unfortunately the bag of food you thought was a good idea has had you stuck here for the past 30 minutes.

3. Yay! You have arrived at your party destination. What’s the first thing you do?

A) Unpack, then put on the perfect outfit ready to hit the pool party.

B) Grab a quick shower and head out with the group to see what the resort has to offer.

C) Go to sleep – after all you’ve been up for almost 24 hours and you want to be fresh for the next night’s antics.

D) Dump your suitcases and head straight out to the strip.

4. Its day four of your holiday. You fancy doing something different, but what?

A) Charter a boat for you and your friends. Spending the day at sea with just your group is exactly what you need.

B) Head to a water park. It’s all about adrenaline and fun for you and your friends.

C) Explore the resort on a quad bike. You like to have a bit of an adventure on your holidays too.

D) Find the best happy hour the resort has to offer.

5. The holiday is over too quickly and it’s time to go home. What’s the first thing you do when you get off the plane?

A) Start dreaming of your next holiday – you can’t possibly go another year without one.

B) Have a few drinks before you all go your separate ways.

C) Head straight home, all you want to do is have a shower and climb into your own bed.

D) Upload all your photos to Facebook, after all there were some nights you could not remember.

[acc_item title=”If you got mostly As“]
Ibiza – It’s all about the look. You crave the latest trends and enjoy the glamorous lifestyle. You will be seen on the beach with a cocktail in hand during the day and by night the biggest clubs and star DJ sets are your scene. You don’t count the pennies and like to enjoy your holiday with added luxury. The sunsets and trendy bars are your perfect catwalk.

 Perfect Hotel – Ibiza Rocks, 7 nights, Self Catering would cost you about £450pp


[acc_item title=”If you got mostly Bs“]Magaluf – It’s all about the group. You don’t go away with a few quiet friends you party in a pack. You’ve got group t-shirts at the ready and you plan on getting a decent tan to show for your party holiday. You like to lie around the pool or beach during the day and when it’s party time you head to the strip and stay out until early morning.

Perfect Hotel – Sol Trinidad, 7 nights, Half Board here would be from £333pp


[acc_item title=”If you got mostly Cs“]Malia –
It’s all about excursions for you. Jeep safaris, bar crawls and booze cruises are your ideal choice. You’re more laid back and take things as they come on holiday. You enjoy jumping on a quad bike and exploring the island. The beach is your choice to chill during the day and at night you head to all the local bars to see how many fish bowls you can drink.

Perfect Hotel – Yiannis Manos, 7 nights, Self Catering here would be from £146pp


[acc_item title=”If you got mostly Ds“]Sunny Beach – It’s all about the nightlife for you. You love to party but don’t want it to cost the earth. The constant flow of cocktails and shots are what your holidays are about. You mostly spend your day in bed or sleeping around the pool so by night you can party until sunrise. Happy hours and finding the best deals are your kind of thing.

Perfect Hotel – Hotel Poseidon, 7 nights, Self Catering here would be from £434pp