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A Party Guide to Mexico

Thousands of people flock to Mexico every year to enjoy the intense summer heat, fun-loving culture and spice-driven cuisine, not to mention the incredible cultural history which offers some of the most jaw-dropping ruins in the world. Mexico, as many know, leads the way in holidays to Central America in more ways than one.

What you may not have heard is that Mexico is also fast becoming the top party destination too, with dozens of cities now cultivating their own unique party atmosphere, live music scene and bar culture. With this in mind, we’ve put together a guide on how to sample this fresh new take on a party holiday, complete with all the hottest places to dance the night away.

Puerto Vallarta

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The chilled out, cobble-stoned seaside resort of Puerto Vallarta is located on the Pacific Coast and has one of the best dining cultures of any beach location in Mexico. You’ll find its also great for a night out.

This isn’t the full on party bonanza Cancun offers, but it’s definitely got something special going for it. Whether its the beach-side dancing at Day Off Beach Bar while the sun sets or the amazing people you meet at the Twisted Palms Rooftop Lounge, you can expect a night to remember.


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Mexico’s second capital, Cancun, is set out on a crazy strip of land with sea on all sides. This amazing scenery makes for an incredible atmosphere, not least at night, when all the bars, hotels and clubs come to life and the locals and tourists flow inside to slam tequilas with the owners.

The City Nightclub and Coco Bongo are probably the liveliest joints the city has to offer, and many come from miles around just to party here. However, if its a stylish night out on the town that you’re after, then try the Hard Rock Hotel or the Surfin Burrito, both of which offer cool and buzzing vibes.

Mexico City

Mexico City, the vibrant and cosmopolitan capital of Mexico, is big on nightlife. The size and versatility of Mexico City calls for many different types of parties, from mariachi dancing under the open sky, to hefty tequila slammers in the many bars.

Mexico City is dressed to impress, with each bar ensuring its vibe is unique from the one next door. The traditional Spanish-influenced drinking spots like Bar Tenampa in Plaza Garibaldi are all upbeat guitar work and sing-alongs, while next door the French-influenced bars like Bar La Opera in Colonia Centro call for art decor etiquette and high-class cocktail mixing.

Mexico city also offers its visitors hip hop clubs, chart-hit DJs and rock venues, so whatever genre of music you like to party to there’ll be a place with your name on it. For a bit of everything, check out La Perla, Colonia Centro, which offers retro cabaret with an eclectic mix of tunes. Remember, in Mexico City, the weekend begins on a Thursday, so you’ve got an extra day of party fever before its time to chill out on Sunday.

Playa del Carmen

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Like a miniature Cancun, Playa del Carmen is another top notch nightlife spot to check out. The difference here is that it’s very popular with the international crowds, especially Europeans. So if you want a night of exciting new cultures, spent learning all the different ways to party, then Playa del Carmen should be top of your list.

Mamita’s Beach Club and Tequila Town lead the way, with the latter, as its name suggests, offering lashings of the golden spirit to all its guests. Beach bar after beach bar line the coast, so a simple stroll up and down the strip will result in all sorts of exciting party invitations.

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