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Are Young People Swapping Party Breaks For Iceland?

Are you a Millennial? That’s the name given to Generation Y, or those of us born between the 1980s and the turn of the Millennium. The first generation to grow up with the internet as a common tool, as well as facing the unique challenges of the economic factors that made life so tricky around a decade ago. The unique way Millennials have grown up has given them a take on life that’s pretty different to the generations before them.

A recent study has discovered that it’s also affecting their holiday habits in some surprising ways, according to The Telegraph.

We associate the holidays of young people to be focused entirely on parties and wild nights, if not daredevil trips, bungee jumps, backpacking through Thailand and other adventurous pursuits. Yet recent analysis suggests that, although the spirit of adventure and exploration remains strong among the Millennial generation, they are just as content, if not more so, to travel for relaxation.

Case in point? Iceland – or more specifically, its famous Blue Lagoon geothermal pool, rich in minerals, heat and relaxation. It’s a remarkable turn of events that Iceland topped the polls by far as the Millennial destination of choice, and the country is proving increasingly popular with holidaymakers of all ages, with its blend of rugged landscapes and chic Nordic flair in the capital, Reykjavik.

Flying off to relax

The common connection between all the favourite destinations Millennials want to go on holiday to today is their laid-back lifestyle and cultural history – a far cry from the frenzied partying we’re otherwise used to. The change in tastes is not unexpected though, and some further fantastic spots have made the grade.

For example, the reputation held by Costa Rica as one of the happiest and most welcoming places on Earth has enticed many a Millennial to both its Pacific and Caribbean shores, as well as the sheer biodiversity that the country offers in such a small space.

The strong appetite for culture has also made the Great Wall of China and the Great Pyramids of Egypt tremendously popular among Millennial holidaymakers, who have also listed learning to make pizza in Italy, or riding Venetian gondolas, as their ideal break.

Hitting the road

The United States hasn’t lost its appeal to holidaymakers from the Millennial generation – but once again, it’s less about the vibrant theme parks and Florida cocktails, and more about seeing the full, untamed experience.

For instance, high on the agenda of many a Millennial today is taking in the full immensity of America’s famous Route 66, reliving the tales of Jack Kerouac and the like in their own road trip for the ages. The Grand Canyon also holds massive appeal, although it seems many Millennials would prefer a helicopter tour than to walking its rugged landscape for themselves.

Wheels of a more eco-friendly nature have also made the grade, with bicycle tours around Amsterdam rating highly on Millennials’ lists of travel plans. Having said that, the true party spirit of the younger generation hasn’t entirely been lost, because plenty of the Millennials who’ve given their feedback to this study also suggested that an epic party in Las Vegas would make for their ultimate holiday. There are some wild escapades that are just too enticing to ignore, it seems.

Do you think there’s a shift in the air, or is this just a sign of the times? Let us know in the comments below.